MFI's Run Organization Screen

MFI's Run Organization screen allows you to organize a run. A "run" is the calculation of median intensities for a series of tagged files. In the snapshot of the run below, only 8 of the 20 files in the disk folder are tagged. A separate document shows and explains MFI's primary (text) output from the run shown below.

MFI's Run Organization screen has many options. The bottom portion of the screen shows prompts for all the menu operations -- each accessed by pressing the key indicated in green. Many of these are explained in the MFI Tutorial. The easiest way to learn what they do is to try then while running MFI.

There are three layouts for displaying the Run Organization screen. The snapshot above shows all filenames in the disk folder. As the green highlight is moved from one filename to another, the label of that file is shown in the line marked #LABEL. Two other layouts are shown below.

The second layout, below, was achieved by pressing A (for All), then L (for Labels). It shows only one column of filenames, but shows the labels for all files at once. This layout makes it easier to understand the run and edit the organization.

The third layout, below, was achieved by pressing P (for Prompts). This toggles between showing the menu prompts, or not showing them to make room for showing a larger number of files. This mode is designed for experienced users who usually don't need the prompts. The prompts can be recalled instantly by pressing P again.

You can have several named runs configured for the set of data files in one disk folder. Notice that in the snapshot above, MFI is set for Run #2: Titration of TS1/18 Ascites on JY1 Cells. Pressing R (for Runs) displays the descriptions of the currently defined runs, as shown below.

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