MFI Graphics

Below are several examples of graphics screens from MFI taken from the MFI Tutorial, where more examples will be found. Press Back on your browser when finished with this page.

MFI's graphics screen for a file from an antibody titration (file TITRA011). Histograms from the designated control file (file TITRA63) are overlayed as dotted lines. Solid histogram lines represent the current file. Median FL1 intensity for file 11 (vertical white line in LOG FL1 histogram, value "KMESF 202") has been converted to a linear scale and units of kilo-molecules of soluble fluorescein (KMESF). The text display (not shown, obtained by pressing T when the software is running) shows that after subtraction of the control intensity from file 63, the corrected median fluorescence intensity for file 11 is 197 KMESF.

MFI's graphics screen demonstrating automatic peaks separation using MFI's default settings. No manual input was required to make the peak separations shown here. Percentages of events in each peak are shown above each histogram. Intensities for each peak are listed in MFI's primary (text) output, not shown. Vertical white lines represent peak medians, and red broken lines, valleys between peaks. The medians of the largest peaks for FL2 and FL3 have been pulled to the left by a large number of off-scale events. (For more explanation, see Section 3 of the MFI Tutorial.)

MFI's optional dotplot screen showing kinetics of a calcium pulse. (For more explanation, see Section 2 of the MFI Tutorial.)