Get Paid to Help Develop Protein Explorer

Several part-time jobs are available to support the development of Protein Explorer and related resources under our current NSF grant. Half-time to full-time work may be available during the summer. Duties of each position will be tailored to the skills of the employee. UMass students with suitable skills are especially sought, but students or professionals elsewhere are encouraged to apply for e-work from remote sites.

The following projects are current in fall 2002. New projects will surface with time and may not be listed here. The need for the types of help listed below is ongoing, but we may not be hiring or may have filled our needs when you apply. There are no closing dates for these openings. Apply at any time.

To inquire or apply for part-time work, please email your resume to Eric Martz.

  1. Netscape Javascript programmer. Implementation of discrete components planned for Protein Explorer. The components in question will vary as development proceeds. Currently, Tim Driscoll is developing the script recorder. Another discrete project could be the automatic generation of a control page reflecting the information now parsable from the header of the PDB Data file (newly accessible with the 'show pdbheader' command in Chime 2.6). During 2001, we will be identifing programmers to do the bulk of the development of the basic-level, discovery-based tutorials, with integral quizzing, that comprise the core goals of the present NSF-funded project. Starting pay commensurate with qualifications and experience.

  2. Java/html programmer. The World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources is supported by our new Visitor-Maintained Indices software (VMI), implemented in java server pages by Trevor Kramer. We need to enhance the present VMI system to enable visitors to add comments and ratings for the indexed resources. Starting pay commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Present and former paid members of the Educational Molecular Visualization (EMV) team include:
Manik Ahuja (Feb-May '97),
Rashie Athukorala (May '97 - July '98),
Wayne Decatur, Ph.D. (June '01),
Jean-Philippe Demers (Dec '00 - present) ,
Diana Ditmore (July '02 - present),
Tim Driscoll (June '97 - present),
Chris Finlayson (Jan-May '97),
Trevor D. Kramer (Sep '99 - Jan '01),
Kelcy Newell (June '01),
Paul Pillot (Apr '01 - present),
Frieda Reichsman, Ph.D. (Nov '97 - present),
Ken Rotondi (July '98),
Aron Sacchetti (Jan '98 - May '98),
Brian Scott (Feb-May '97),
Burt Theurer (Jan-Feb '97),
Srinivas Turaga (Sep '98 - May '99).
Authors of Presentations in Protein Explorer.
See Acknowledgements for other collaborators who have made important contributions to Protein Explorer.

The University of Massachusetts is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.