Presenting RasMol-Saved Scripts with Chime.
Version 2.4
Example: Gal4 Transcriptional Regulator Complexed to DNA

This presentation illustrates how you can use Chime to show scripts you have saved from RasMol. This is the easiest way to make a Chime presentation -- you do not need to do any script programming to use this method. You do need to know how to get an atomic coordinate file for the molecule you are interested in, and how to use RasMol to get the views you want.

Our goal here is to give an example of this method, and to explain how to do this yourself. The example is intended to be projected to illustrate a lecture. The assumption is that the lecturer is familiar with the topic and provides the necessary details about the molecule. Therefore we have not included background or prose in this example. The atomic coordinate file employed is 1D66 ( Marmorstein, Carey, Ptashne, and Harrison, Nature 356:408, 1992).

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