Protein Secondary Structure

Presented with Linear Control Structure version 2.0 for Chime
by Eric Martz

This tutorial on Protein Secondary Structure is obsolete. For several excellent tutorials on this topic (and many others) please see the World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources,

The format used for my tutorials on hemoglobin, antibody, and MHC offers much better control for use in lectures than does the format used here for protein secondary structure. This 1996-1997 Protein Secondary Structure tutorial works ONLY with Netscape Navigator 3.01 and Chime 1.0. It will NOT work with Internet Explorer, Navigator 4.0x, or Chime 2.0. Because I no longer believe this format is adequate, I am investing no time to upgrade this tutorial.

--Eric Martz, January 24, 1998 (revised June 2002)

This 10-minute introduction was prepared to accompany a lecture in Biology 100 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA US. Thanks to Professor Anne Simon who outlined the content. Supported by an Instructional Technology Grant from the Office of the President of the University of Massachusetts.

16-bit Chime (Windows 3.1) is too slow -- this tutorial will work optimally with 32-bit Chime (Windows 95) or on a fast PowerPC-Macintosh. (Unlike the case with RasMol, 32-bit Chime will not operate under Windows 3.1 supplemented with Win32SOle.)

This tutorial runs in a fixed 640 x 480 pixel window designed for projectors with that resolution.

If you have a copy of this tutorial on your computer's hard disk, you can display it in Netscape without an Internet connection. Copies are available to be downloaded. Version 2.0 was released January 2, 1997. It has been tested thoroughly on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Further changes may be needed for Macintosh and unix. Check with the original source periodically to find out if changes have been made. Significant changes will be indicated by a different version number at the top of this page.

This script employs Chemscape Chime, a free molecular viewer plug-in from MDL Information Systems, Inc.. See also How to create web pages with Chime. Improved versions of this script, other Chime scripts, and new scripts will be posted on the scripts page at the RasMol Home Page, or on the UMass Chime Resources Site.

Version History
First released November 6, 1996 (Chime 0.99). "Further Resources ..." added 96/11/30.
Version 2.0 released January 2, 1997 with major enhancements (Chime 1.0: linear control structure version 2.0 with instructions for substituting new molecular content; keypress to continue replaced with button press; legend control moved to Chime-script via new javascript command; continuous-play mode; development/debugging mode added with progress monitors, trace modes and interrupt.)

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