Making Molecule-Specific Hyperlinks to PE
by Dragging and Dropping Existing Links

Hyperlinks that start PE and display a particular molecule (such as those in the Atlas of Macromolecules) can be dragged and dropped into a document in the free Netscape Composer (or perhaps in some other HTML editors). The resulting HTML document can then be saved and distributed by email or from a web server. Below are step-by-step details.

Please Note: Dragging a hyperlink from a web page onto the Desktop or into a file folder creates an "Internet Shortcut" (Windows, or an Alias on the Mac). These DO NOT WORK for starting PE and displaying the specified molecule.

These instructions are for people who are not familiar with creating HTML documents by typing raw HTML directly in a text editor. If you are familiar with raw HTML tags, you may prefer to consult the more technical Construction of Hyperlinks to Protein Explorer.

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