Examples of MolSlides
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MolSlide Viewing Controls (after you open a set of MolSlides with one of the links below):
Chime MolSlides require the free   Test Your Chime Here!
Jmol MolSlides require a current version of free Java. Windows may require upgrading your java, which is quick and easy from java.com.
Title Chime + Jmol*
Introduction to MolSlides (in MolSlides) In Chime In Jmol In Chime + Jmol
Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics.
Click on What are 3D Structure Data? There are two links to MolSlide sets in Jmol.
MHC Class I: Analysis of evolutionary conservation with ConSurf   In Jmol  
The DNA-Binding Domain of Gal4
Illustrates some of the range of views that can be produced relatively easily in Protein Explorer.
In Chime Uses surfaces not yet available in Jmol.  
Phytochrome 1ZTU with an unusual deep trefoil knot. Nature (2005).    
DNA B to Z form transition (2ACJ, 2005). Nature (2005). (Taken from the Jmol version, which uses dots instead of surfaces.)
*Protein Explorer can export MolSlides as comparisons between the Chime and Jmol molecular views. This is primarily for developers, to make sure the Jmol views represent the Chime views correctly.

MolSlides by PE Users
The examples in the table above are by the author of PE, Eric Martz. Here are some examples by other PE users.
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