You can explore any 3D macromolecular structure model (PDB file) in:
  • Protein Explorer in Chime (Current Version)
    • Best for beginners (lots of help), yet powerful for advanced users.
    • Works only in Windows (including Intel Mac OSX with Parallels.Com) and Mac OS9/Classic.
    • Must install the free MDL Chime browser plugin.
    • Complete control over the molecular view. Undo.
    • Create MolSlides. Save/restore earlier sessions.

  • FirstGlance in Jmol
    • Assumes that you are familiar with the principles of protein structure, and with finding PDB codes.
    • Nothing needs to be installed (except java).
    • Works in popular browsers in Windows, OSX, and linux.
    • Relatively simple. Most molecular views are pre-determined.
    • Supports user-defined views of non-covalent contacts.

  • Older versions of Protein Explorer
  • Other free molecular visualization software packages are listed at MolVisIndex.Org.

Educational molecular visualization resources for teachers: MolviZ.Org