How to Download Netscape Communicator 4.8x
Revised May 2005

Visit the Netscape Archive to Get Netscape Communicator 4.8x

Download Netscape 4.8

If that link does not work, do the following to get Netscape 4.8:

(This series of links is provided because Netscape changes their site frequently, so the links to the Product Archive may have been renamed/relocated since this was written in June 2005.)

After downloading Netscape, proceed (or return) to Downloading and Installing Chime.

Interested in using Netscape 7? Netscape 7.2 is now compatible with Chime, but in Netscape 7.2, Chime requires a different installation procedure. Luckily, Netscape has been good about keeping older versions of their browser available, and has continued to maintain both the Communicator version 4 series and version 7.2.

Installing Netscape will not interfere with your ability to use Internet Explorer. In fact, both can be run concurrently.