by Eric Motyka, Paul M. Lahti, and Robert Lancashire
Copyright © 1999 by Paul Lahti and Robert J. Lancashire -- commercial use prohibited without written permission.

Acetophenone IR Spectrum and Vibrations
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Click on a peak to show the corresponding vibrations. Drag across part of the spectrum to expand it. To see other molecules, go to or

where there is also a quiz.
There are other IR, MS, and NMR spectra which work on Windows Only or Macintosh PPC & Windows.

This page was modified by Eric Martz from the original by Motyka, Lahti and Lancashire. The spectrum and molecule were made larger and adjust to the window size, the molecule was rendered with balls as well as sticks, the vibrations were made faster, double bonds were shown in the initial image (they can't be shown in the animations for technical reasons), and convenience buttons were provided (the spin and display options are available on Chime's menu, click on MDL).

This page can be downloaded for local installation for non-profit academic use only.