DNA Structure
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  2. This tutorial is designed to complement an introduction to DNA by providing tools for a self-directed exploration. It does not tell a story (but does offer questions for students and a lesson plan for teachers). As a preamble to the tutorial below, or for a story that introduces DNA Structure with interactive molecular graphics, we recommend Exploring DNA Structure by Andrew Carter (which also requires Chime, and works in Internet Explorer), or other DNA links. This entire website, along with other molecules, is available online (BioMolecular Explorer 3D) or on a CD designed for high school teachers.

  3. The Animated Interactive Tutorial Pages (A, B, C, D):
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A. Double helix by element:
base pairs, hydrogen bonding

B. The Code

Explanation of
Codons and

C. Strands and helical backbone

D. Ends, Antiparallelism

  1. Questions for Students and a Lesson Plan for Teachers.
    More Molecules for High School Teachers!

  2. More DNA Resources include tutorials for high school students, college freshmen, interactive Shockwave simulations of agarose gel electrophoresis to learn about electrical charge of DNA, cutting with restriction endonucleases, etc.

  3. You can download a copy of this tutorial. Once you have your own copy on your computer's hard disk, you can use it offline (without an Internet connection).

  4. How can I get the most out of Chime?
    Please note that in most images, double bonds are shown as single bonds, and hydrogen atoms are missing.
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  5. Methods, Acknowledgements, and References. If you are interested in developing a new nonlinear Chime tutorial, try the Development/Debugging Mode, and read this section, especially the instructions provided.
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