What is Javascript?

Javascript is a simple programming language built into Netscape 2.0 and greater. It is integrated with and embedded in HTML. It allows greater control of web page behavior than does HTML alone. Since the Javascript interpreter is part of Netscape, it is platform-independent: Javascript incorporated into HTML runs on Windows, Macintosh, and other Netscape-supported systems.

Although Javascript resembles Java, it is not the same as Java. Java is a more extensive and powerful, platform-independent programming language, often used to create applet programs which run in Netscape, but also capable of creating stand-alone programs. Javascript gives HTML authors control over Java applet programs. Java is compiled on the server, and the object code is passed to the client for execution; Javascript is interpreted by the client.

If you want to explore Javascript's full range of capabilities, you will do well to obtain a book on it from your local library of bookstore.

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