Chime: Simplest Web Page

This page illustrates the simplest use of Chime, that is, HTML with neither frames* nor javascript. The molecule displayed is one chain of oxyhemoglobin from 1HHO.PDB.

What can I do in Chime with the mouse and Chime's menus?
How do I make Chime show a molecule?
How do I show the view I want?

Try clicking these buttons:

Heme only       Heme + protein
How do I make a push-button?
Alpha Helix C O N Fe

The color key legend is implemented as a one-cell table.

*It will probably be easier to control the layout of your Chime pages by using frames with Chime. This is especially true if your pages will have more content or complexity than this one. After you have examined all of the above How? pages, you may wish to use your browser's option to view the source for this entire page. (In Netscape, open the View menu, and select Source).

You can download a copy of these pages for local use/study.

This page was created by Eric Martz, who wishes to thank Tim Maffett, MDLI's principal architect of Chime, for generous help and access to pre-release versions of Chime. Tested with Netscape 3.0 full-screen under Windows 3.1 with minimum screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, using Chime 0.99.