Protein Explorer for Chime 1
This version is for SGI, Windows 3.1, and Mac68K users only, for whom Chime 2.0 is not available. It will be improved only if there is evidence of demand. Contact the author if you would like to see improvements in the Chime 1 version of Protein Explorer. If you are using Windows95/NT4 or Macintosh PPC, please go to Protein Explorer for Chime 2!
                        Version 0.92                         Development supported by the Division of Undergraduate Education of the National Science Foundation, and the University of Massachusetts.                                    
Copyright © 1999 by Eric Martz. Permission is given for free use of this version by all users. If you are interested in downloading this version, contact the author. Thanks to Gale Rhodes for helpful suggestions.

If you are using a local copy, check the to see if a newer version of the Protein Explorer has been released.