Transfer of Credits

UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, and UMass Lowell have committed to maximizing credit transfer for Mount Ida students.

All four campuses will work with Mount Ida students on credit transfers, working toward keeping the Mount Ida students on track for an “on time” graduation. Academic counseling will be available to assist Mount Ida students with each campus’s review of the student’s transcript, transfer of credits, and remaining course/credit requirements to complete their degree at the respective University of Massachusetts campus.

When students are admitted, they receive an initial transfer credit evaluation along with their admission letter. The admissions office then coordinates with the department offering the student’s major in a more detailed and fine-tuned evaluation of the student’s transcript including accounting of courses completed and courses remaining to complete for the degree program into which the student has been admitted. This second round usually follows receipt of a deposit indicating acceptance of admission. In the case of Mount Ida transfer applicants who are admitted, since the deposit is waived, the second round of transfer evaluation will follow automatically. During this process, the student may ask for more details and a re-evaluation of any particular course transfer decision.  This process is again coordinated through the admissions office (see contact list in the Resource Guide) with the assistance of experienced advisors in the department.