Executive Committee Members

Students interested in the minor can speak to any of the following faculty for information. You should contact the Director to file for the minor.

Jacqueline Urla, Director
Anthropology, Machmer Hall
Email: jurla@anthro.umass.edu

Eric Einhorn
Political Science, Thompson Hall
Email: einhorn@polsci.umass.edu

Agustin Lao
Sociology, Thompson Hall
Email: lao@soc.umass.edu

Jennifer Heuer
History Department
Email: heuer@history.umass.edu

Laura Doyle
English Department
Email: ldoyle@english.umass.edu

Joya Misra
Sociology Department
Email: misra@soc.umass.edu

Cathie Portuges
Comparative Literature, South College
Director, Interdepartmental Film Studies
Email: portuges@complit.umass.edu

Robert Rothstein
Comparative Literature, South College
Director, Slavic & Eastern European Studies Program
Email: rar@slavic.umass.edu

Sara Lennox
Germanic Language & Literatures
Director, Social Thought & Political Economy
Email:  lennox@german.umass.edu

Skyler Arndt-Briggs
Associate Director, DEFA
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Email: sky@german.umass.edu

Julie Hemment
Anthropology Department
Five College Slavic Studies Program
Email: jhemment@anthro.umass.edu

Barbara Zecchi
Spanish and Portuguese Department
Email: bzecchi@spanport.umass.edu

Ilana Shapiro
Psychology, Center for Peace Studies
Email: ishapiro@psych.umass.edu

Elizabeth Krause
Anthropology Department
Email: ekrause@anthro.umass.edu

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