How to apply for a Modern European Studies Minor

Meet with an MES faculty
  1. Set up a meeting with the Director or any of the members of the MES executive committee and discuss the requirements, your goals, and courses you might take. These are all spelled out in the Undergraduate Catalogue. Read these before your meeting.
  2. In your senior year, or when you have completed the courses, (whichever comes first) make an appointment to see the Director of the MES program. At this meeting you will go over the courses you have taken to make sure you have completed the requirements.
Create a Portfolio

For senior year meeting you must prepare a portfolio that contains the following:

  1. A list of the proposed courses for the minor. The list of courses should include full title of the course, semester taken, grade received, credits received. Copy of syllabi or description of content is needed for courses not taken at UMass. These courses must add up to at least 15 credits.
  2. A copy of your unofficial transcript
  3. You can use our own Independent study course Euro 396 or an independent study course in another department to do a special project or paper relating to European studies. If you wish to use Euro 396, you must get permission in advance from the Director. When submitting your portfolio, you will need to provide a syllabus or other form of documenting the work completed for that course.
  4. If you are doing an honorŐs thesis relating to European Studies, talk with the Director about how you can include this as part of your portfolio.

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