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The aim of the Modern European Studies Program is to promote knowledge of the unique languages, cultures, and histories of contemporary European societies. We sponsor lectures and events relating to European studies and offer an interdisciplinary 15 credit minor open to all formally enrolled undergraduates, regardless of their major.

What is a Modern European Studies minor?

This is a self designed minor. You have the freedom to combine courses from more than one department to design a minor in contemporary Europe that suits your special interests. Use this minor to study two or more European countries from various perspectives: art, history, business, politics, or language. Combine courses in any way you like to develop your own focus.

If you have gone to Europe on study abroad, this minor may be perfect for you. Many credits earned in study abroad or for the Global Education Requirement count towards the MES minor. See the “Credits and Requirements” for more details.

An MES minor will show prospective employers that you have some of the skills it takes to work in an increasingly globalized world. It can be a valuable addition to your major when it comes time to apply to professional or graduate schools, or when seeking employment in international service or business.

Interested? Please contact the Director about application.

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