UMass Amherst Faculty


Jenny Adams

Assoc. Prof. of English | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Late medieval English literature with an emphasis on Chaucer, book history, university history.


Philippe Baillargeon

Senior Lecturer II of French and Francophone Studies | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: French literature and culture of the late Middle Ages, Renaissance and early seventeenth century as well as rhetoric, poetics, the history of ideas and Bakhtinian dialogism.

Jessica Barr

Assoc. Prof. of Comparative Literature | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval women writers, visionary and devotional literature, dream visions, hagiography and mysticism.


Anne Broadbridge

Assoc. Prof. of History | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval Islamic history, Mamluks in Egypt and Syria, Mongol Empire, ideology, women's history in the Mongol Empire.

Sonja Drimmer

Ass't Prof. of Art History | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval art, illuminated manuscripts, book history, visual culture of politics and sovereignty in the later Middle Ages.


Stephen Harris

Prof. of English | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Old English, medieval Latin poetry, early medieval Christianity and historical linguistics.

Frank Hugus

Prof. of German | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Old French lyric poetry, songs of the women trouvères and Old French Philology.


Albert Lloret

Assoc. Prof. of Spanish and Catalan | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval and Renaissance Iberian literatures, textual studies, cultural history, translation studies and digital humanities.

Stephen Miller

Assoc. Prof. of Japanese | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Classical and medieval Japanese literature, Japanese Buddhism, Translation studies, Japanese queer literature and culture.


Jason Moralee

Prof. of History | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Roman topography, the reuse of inscriptions and buildings, racial hybridity, the workings of memory in epigraphy and historiography.

Michael Papio

Prof. of Italian | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Boccaccio, Dante, Medieval and Early Renaissance Italy, geocriticism, digital humanities and philology.


Marjorie Rubright

Assoc. Prof. of English & Dir. of Kinney Center | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Early modern English literature and culture, early modern race and ethnicity studies, feminist criticism and Renaissance lexical culture.

David K. Schneider

Assoc. Prof. of Chinese | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: War and diplomacy in East Asia, religion in international affairs, Chinese religion and philosophy, comparative political philosophy.


Robert Sullivan

Assoc. Prof. of German & Chair of LLC | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Crusades and Islam, early German culture, Middle High German and courtly lyric poetry.

Anna Taylor

Assoc. Prof. of History | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Animals in the Middle Ages and ancient world, hagiography, history of the book and medieval monsters.


Maria Tymoczko

Prof. of Comparative Literature | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Early Irish language and literature.


Five College and Other Affiliated Faculty

Joshua Birk

Assoc. Prof. of History at Smith C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Political history and cultural history across religious boundaries in the medieval Mediterranean world.


Nancy Bradbury

Prof. of English at Smith C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Chaucer, medieval romances and tales, proverbs and other microgenres, literary representations of the language of medieval peasants and 19th-century medievalism.

Brigitte Buettner

Louise Ines Doyle 1934 Prof. of Art at Smith C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: late medieval manuscripts in a courtly context, gift-giving rituals, sumptuary arts and questions of materiality.


Craig R. Davis

Prof. of English and Comp. Lit. at Smith C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Old & Middle English, Old Norse, Medieval Welsh, Old Irish, Gothic, Old High German and Old Saxon Language and Literature.

Michael T. Davis

Prof. of Art History at Mount Holyoke C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: French Gothic architecture of the 13th and 14th centuries, the history of modern architecture and the arts of Islam.


Eglal Doss-Quinby

Prof. of French at Smith C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Old French lyric poetry, songs of the women trouvères and Old French Philology.

Janet T. Marquardt

Prof. Emerita, Eastern Illinois University | [bio]
Specializations: Historiography of Romanesque art.


Ken Mondschein

Visiting Lecturer at UMass, Mt. Ida C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Fencing, history of time and timekeeping, medieval military history and medievalism.

Ingrid Nelson

Assoc. Prof. of English at Amherst C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Later medieval England (1200-1500), English poetry of all periods, genre theory, lyric theory and poetics, medievalism, the history of the book, media theory and cultural studies.


Lisa M. Ruch

Ass't Dean of Liberal Studies at Bay Path U. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval chronicles, folklore, comparative literature and Arthuriana.

Wesley Chihyung Yu

Assoc. Prof. of English at Mount Holyoke C. | [email] | [bio]
Specializations: Medieval rhetoric, logic and early poetics.