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Student Awards for 2023-4

Winners of the Pollack Award for Actuarial Science
The Awards Dinner recognized the many activities and achievements of students within the Mathematics & Statistics Department during academic year 2023-4.

On April 24th, the Department hosted a dinner to honor students, both undergraduate and graduate, with prominent achievements this academic year. Below we list those honored at the dinner and show some photos from the event itself.

Undergraduate Activities

Honors Research and Theses

  • Ben Burns (Katsoulakis, Zhang)
  • Jose Cruz Mendez (Morales)
  • Cyrus Burt (Morales)
  • Rudra Gopal (Nguyen)
  • Ana Moscoso Gonzales (Shahriyari)
  • Sebastian Rieckehoff-Strong (DeVleming)
  • Eren Gulbas (Shahriyari)
  • Mia Josephy-Zack (Calden)
  • Gabrielle Walczak (Griffin)
  • Elias Sink (Tevelev)

Putnam Competition

  • Trung Dang
  • Jackson Diodati
  • Minh Do
  • Zack Gotobed
  • Pranav Hari
  • Garrett Hinkley
  • Shane Keiser
  • Aditya Khurmi
  • Nicholas Mazzoni
  • Son Pham
  • Charlie Veihmeyer

REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Program
Sponsored by Joan Barksdale (’66), Sheila R. Flynn, and Nancy Sinclair

  • Jose Mendez Cruz (Morales)
  • Shane Keiser (Pranjal)
  • Isabelle Sevian (Kevrekidis)
  • Wenhan Li (Zhu)
  • Nathaniel Reid (Gwilliam)
  • Nikos Orginos (Gwilliam)
  • Cory Eckert (Gwilliam)
  • Sam Silver (Gwilliam)
  • Gabrielle Walczak (Griffin)
  • Trung Do (Griffin)
  • Elias Sink (Tevelev)
  • Minh Hoang Le (Cao)
  • Aditya Khurmi (Tevelev)
  • Justin Steinman (Buttenschoen)
  • Darsh Gondalia (Li)
  • Anqi Wei (Li)
  • Anh Pham Tran (Griffin)
  • Ben Burns (Katsoulakis, Zhang)
  • Alexander Ruse (Katsoulakis, Zhang)

Undergraduate Awards

Jacob-Cohen-Killam Competition
Sponsored by John Baillieul (’67), James Francis (’86), and Roy Perdue (’73)

  1. Son Pham
  2. Garrett Hinkley
  3. Owen Bechtel, Sam Silver

M. K. Bennett Geometry Award

  • Daisy LaBonte
  • Noah Leaf
  • Isabel Telford

Anne and Peter Costa Undergraduate Prize in Applied Mathematics
Eren Gulbas

Bob and Lynne Pollack Award for Actuarial Science

  • Lucie Barone
  • Sara Glaser
  • Junseo Kim
  • Shelby Little
  • Dongcheng Lu
  • James McKenna
  • Anh Pham Tran
  • Marie Popov
  • Missilia Zhang

Leon Emory Lincoln and Robert Bradley Lincoln Scholarship
Aditya Khurmi

Leeper Mathematics Scholarship

  • Aryan Sarin
  • Joshua O'Brien

Graduate Awards

Distinguished Thesis Award

Distinguished Teaching Award
Byeongho Bahn

Distinguished Teaching of Discussions

Graduate Student Leadership Award

Anne and Peter Costa Graduate Prize in Applied Mathematics
Hyemin Guinfo-icon

Richard Ellis Prize
Porter Morganinfo-icon