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Statistics and Data Science at UMass

Visualization from recent stats article by Griffin et al
  • Three new faculty joined the statistics group: Associate Professor Lulu Kanginfo-icon, Assistant Professor Carlos Sotoinfo-icon, and Assistant Professor Qian Zhaoinfo-icon. Assistant Professor Weiqi Chuinfo-icon joined the applied math group, and Nathan Wycoff will join the statistics group as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2024!
  • In the 2022-2023 academic year, 89 students graduated with a concentration in Statistics and Data Science, 15 students graduated from the Statistics MS program, and 2 students graduated from the Statistics PhD program.
  • Adira Cohen, a UMass CS and Math double major was awarded the Five College Statistics Prize. She is now a PhD student in Statistics at North Carolina State University.
  • Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Services, directed by Professors Krista J Gileinfo-icon and Anna Liuinfo-icon, aided approximately twenty clients from departments including Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Neuroscience, Biology and Microbiology, Kinesiology, Linguistics, and Food Sciences.
  • Assistant Professor Maryclare Griffininfo-icon’s paper Structured Shrinkage Priors, coauthored with Professor Peter Hoff and published in Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics in 2023, was selected for the American Statistical Association Editor’s Choice Collection.
  • Professor John Staudenmayerinfo-icon and collaborators at the University at California, San Diego, received a four year, $738K NIH grant: "Leveraging deep learning to classify sitting posture and measure sedentary patterns from accelerometer data in diverse cohorts”.
  • Assistant Professor Ted Westlinginfo-icon and collaborators in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at UMass Amherst received a five year, $437K NIH grant: "Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in At-Risk Hispanic Women following Pregnancy Complications”.
  • UMass professors organized five invited sessions at the New England Statistical Symposium 2023 at Boston University and two sessions at the Joint Statistical Meetings 2023 in Toronto.
  • The weekly Statistics and Data Science seminar series hosted local, national, and international seminar speakers.