In memoriam

This page was created to remember past faculty from the department who have died.

If you know of any corrections or additional information we should add, please contact Tom Bradeninfo-icon.

Stephen Allen (1915-2007)
Stephen Allen
PhD University of Pittsburgh 1963
Joined Umass in 1948 as an Instructor; later promoted to Assistant and Associate Professor

Retired 1981

Mary K. Bennett (1940-1997)
Mary K. Bennett

PhD UMass 1966 (the first PhD granted by our Department!)

Research: Lattice theory

Melvyn Berger (1939-2005)
Melvyn Berger
PhD Yale 1964
Became Emeritus 2003
Research: Nonlinear PDE
Donald Catlin (1936-2016)
Donald Catlin

PhD University of Florida 1965
Joined UMass 1965
Became Emeritus 2001

Research: stochastic estimation and control, Kalman filtering, navigation and guidance

Haskell Cohen (1920-2012)
Haskell Cohen

PhD Tulane 1953
Joined UMass 1967
Became Emeritus 1995

Research: Topology; semigroups

Helen Cullen (1919-2007)

PhD University of Michigan, 1950
Joined UMass 1949
Became Emerita 1992

Research: Topology

David J. Dickinson (1920-1997)

PhD University of Michigan, 1954

Research: Special functions

Richard Ellis (1947-2018)Richard Ellis

PhD Courant (NYU) 1972
Joined UMass 1975

Research: Probability theory, large deviations
Memorial conference

John Fogarty (1934-2009)
John Fogarty

PhD Harvard 1966
Joined UMass 1972
Became Emeritus 2008

Research: Algebraic geometry

David Foulis (1930-2018)
David Foulis

PhD Tulane, 1958
Joined UMass 1965
Became Emeritus 1997

Research: Algebraic foundations of quantum mechanics

Michael Gauger (1945 - 2021)
Michael Gauger

PhD Notre Dame 1971
Joined UMass 1972
Became Emeritus 2001

Research: Lie Algebras

David Hayes (1937-2011)
David Hayes

PhD Duke University 1963
Joined UMass 1967
Became Emeritus 2002

Research: Number Theory

Samuel S. Holland, Jr. (1928-2018)

PhD Harvard, 1961
Joined UMass 1967
Became Emeritus 1997

Research: Lattice theory

James E. Humphreys (1939-2020)
James E. Humphreys


PhD Yale, 1966
Joined UMass 1974
Became Emeritus 2003

Research: Representation Theory
Department news item

Henry Jacob (  -2005)

PhD Yale University 1951
Joined UMass 1962
Became Emeritus 1987

Research: Algebra

Melvin Janowitz (1929-2015)

PhD University of Minnesota 1950
Joined UMass 1967
Became Emeritus 2000

Research: Lattice theory

Eleanor Killam (1933-2018)

Eleanor Killam

PhD Yale, 1960
Joined UMass 1960
Became Emerita 1991

Research: Ring theory

Hsu-Tung Kuinfo-icon (1933-2021)

PhD Tulane University 1967
Joined UMass 1968
Became Emeritus 2001

Research: Geometry and Topology

Mei-Chin Ku (1937-2021)

PhD Tulane University 1967
Joined UMass 1970
Became Emeritus 2002

Research: Geometry and Topology

Teng-sun Liu (1932-2009)

PhD University of Pennsylvania 1963
Joined UMass 1965
Became Emeritus 2002

Research: Transformation groups

Charles H. Randall (1928-1987)

Charles H. Randall

PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1967
Joined UMass 1967(?)

Research: Lattice theory, foundations of quantum mechanics
Memorial article for CH Randall, by D. Foulis and M.K. Bennett

Walter Rosenkrantzinfo-icon (1938-2017)
Walter Rosenkrantz

PhD University of Illinois, 1963
Joined UMass 1971
Became Emeritus 2004

Research: Markov processes; modeling of network traffic
Berthold Schweizer (1929-2010)
Berthold Schweizer

PhD Illinois Institute of Technology, 1956
Joined UMass 1965
Became Emeritus 1995

Research: Probability

Morris Skibinskyinfo-icon (1925-2007)

PhD University of North Carolina, 1954
Joined UMass 1968
Became Emeritus 1994

Research: Statistics
Remembrance of Morris (from department newsletter)

Doris Stockton (1924-2018)
Doris Stockton
PhD Brown University, 1958
Joined UMass 1954
Became Emerita 2006

Research: Partial differential equations
Marshall Stone (1903-1989)
Marshall Stone

PhD Harvard 1926
Joined UMass as George D. Birkhoff Professor 1968
Became Emeritus 1980
Member, National Academy of Sciences 1938
President, American Mathematical Society 1943-44
President, International Mathematical Union 1952-54
National Medal of Science 1982

Research: Functional analysis, Boolean algebra, topology, quantum mechanics

Wayman Strother (1923-2002)

PhD 1952 Tulane University
Retired 1989

Research: Topology