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Financial Aid & Housing

Financial Aid

Applying for an MS or PhD degree also serves as an application for financial support (except for the MS in Statistics at Mount Ida).  All admitted PhD students in the department are offered funding.  Some MS students are also offered funding.  Most of this support is in the form of Teaching Assistantships (TA), which includes a waiver of tuition and 9-month stipend. TAs are graduate student employees and part of the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) union. Union benefits include 95% cover of health insurance and University health fees as well as other excellent benefits. Graduate students are responsible for other fees. Teaching Assistantship duties may involve teaching one section of an elementary course each semester, or equivalent work connected with a large lecture course. Summer teaching opportunities may also be available. 

For Fall 2023, new Ph.D. students will receive a TA stipend of at least $25,247 for a 20-hour per week assistantship. New Teaching Assistants in M.S. programs will normally receive a stipend of at least $18,616 and somewhat reduced duties, approximately 15 hours per week. 

A number of advanced Ph.D. students hold Research Assistantships attached to grants held by particular faculty members. 

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Student Housing

ON CAMPUS: As of Spring 2020, there is no designated on-campus housing specifically for Graduate Students. On-campus housing for Graduate Students is expected to become available beginning Fall 2024 at Fieldstone. Family housing is available for students who are single, married, or in a domestic partnership and living with dependent child(ren) and/or dependent relative(s). Detailed information and access to the application is available here.

OFF CAMPUS: Students looking for housing in Amherst and the surrounding area are encouraged to utilize the UMass Off Campus Housing Search. The website includes current listings, roommate search, and other resources. The Off Campus Student Life office is another helpful resource for students looking to live off campus.