Commonwealth College Honors for Mathematics Majors

Are both commonwealth college honors and departmental honors offered?

Mathematics majors who are also students in Commonwealth College may pursue honors through any of the three standard tracks: Commonwealth College Honors, Commonwealth College Departmental Honors, or Commonwealth College Multidisciplinary Honors. Mathematics majors who satisfy the requirements may also enter Commonwealth College after enrolling in the University.

Honors Courses

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers several honors courses at all levels. All qualified students are encouraged to consider these courses; however, only Commonwealth College students directly benefit from the honors designation.

Course Title Offered Requirements Satisfied
Math 127H Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences I Fall  
Math 128H Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences II Spring GenEd: R2
Math 131H Calculus I Fall GenEd: R2
Math 132H Calculus II Fall GenEd: R2
Math 233H Multivariable Calculus Fall/Spring GenEd: R2
Math 235H Linear Algebra Fall GenEd: R2
Math 499C Capstone Course I Not offered CE I
Math 499D Capstone Course II Not offered CE II
Math 511H Abstract Algebra I Not offered  
Math 512H Abstract Algebra II Not offered  
Math 523H Introduction to Modern Analysis Fall/Spring  
Math 532H Topics in Ordinary Differential Equations Fall  
Math 534H Introduction to Partial Differential Equations Spring  
Math 563H Differential Geometry Spring  
Stat 515H Introduction to Statistics I Not offered  

With the approval of the Honors Coordinator, students may also receive Honors credit for the following types of courses (subject to the Commonwealth College enrollment cap of 25 students):

  • 600/700/800-level courses
  • 500-level courses
  • Honors independent study courses

Under exceptional circumstances, and with the prior approval of both the instructor and the Honors Coordinator, students may also arrange to obtain honors credit for a 400-level course by adding an Honors Colloquium.

Departmental Honors

To graduate with Departmental Honors, a student must complete the Mathematics Major with a GPA of at least 3.400 and complete the following courses with grades of B of higher.

  1. ENGLWRIT 112H - Honors College Writing. If College Writing is completed prior to CHC admission, a GenEd Honors course (3+ credits) can substitute
  2. HONORS 201H - Ideas that Changed the World (Gen Ed "I + US-DU", 4 credits)
  3. HONORS 391AH - Special Topics (1 credit)
  4. Gen Ed Honors Course (3+ credits)
  5. Gen Ed Honors Course (3+ credits). Students may petition to substitute a non-gen Ed Honors Course, please see a CHC advisor for details.
  6. One Math/Stat Honors Courses at 400-level or higher
  7. A second Math/Stat Honors Courses at 400-level or higher
  8. Math/Stat 499Y Honors Research
  9. Math/Stat 499T Honors Thesis (Must be taken in a different semester than Math 499Y)

Information on Latin Honors can be found at https://www.umass.edu/registrar/students/diploma-and-graduation/latin-ho...

In order to enroll in Departmental Honors, a student must submit a change of major form, signed by the Honors Coordinator, to the registrar.