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These services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. UMass researchers should submit a Peoplesoft speed type number for recharge. External (non-UMass system) users are required to provide a copy of a purchase order.

Current Fees

  Fee (UMass) Fee (Non UMass) Fee (Non Academic)
Mass Spectrometry Service Analysis      
Low resolution analysis $50/sample $50/sample $100/sample
High resolution (accurate mass) analysis $50/sample $50/sample $100/sample
LC/MS low resolution $50/sample
LC/MS high resolution $100/sample $150/sample $200/sample

Mass Spectrometry Hourly Usage

Daytime Usage $45/hour $50/hour $100/hour
Advanced Data Acquisition/Analysis (by staff) $100/hour $100/hour $200/hour