UMass Amherst

FREE Registration

There is no cost to register and attend Science Quest.

FREE Parking

Lots 63 and 43 are free and closest to the main Science Quest building, the Integrated Science Building (ISB). Please see the Science Quest Map linked to the right for more details.

Additional parking is available free on weekends in campus parking lots marked in green on the campus parking map linked here.

All UMass parking lots and buildings are fully handicapped accessible.

FREE Lunch

Lunch is free to all Science Quest attendees. It is scheduled for 12:00-1:00pm at the Worcester Dining Commons (WDC), very close the ISB (see Science Quest Map). At the entrance of the WDC, mention that you are a Science Quest participant and the attendant on duty will swipe a card and let you in. Our award-winning dining facilities have a huge selection that includes gluten-free and vegetarian options. An updated menu can be found at this link.

Travel Support

Funding is available from Science Quest for travel to and from campus for schools that would not otherwise have the resources to attend. Please email us at the address below for more information and a brief application.

Professional Development Points (PDPs)

5 PDPs are offered to teachers who attend Science Quest with their students. Please ask for the PDP form at the front table on the day of Science Quest.