Violence Prevention | White Ribbon Campaign | Men's Education Network

Violence Prevention

Please join us in working to make UMass a safer and more just community. While most violence (fights, gender-based, racial, religious…) is committed by men, most men do not commit violence. Get involved in a variety of efforts. Raise your voice. Speak up and speak out.

White Ribbon Campaign

Join the largest initiative in the world of men speaking out against men’s violence against women. Take the pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about men’s violence against women. And get involved in efforts to challenge men’s violence in all forms.

Men's Education Network

The Men’s Education Network is group of people committed to engaging our communities in critical conversations that promote and grow healthy concepts of what it means to be a man and/or be masculine. Because of this focus we strive to be aware of the broad ways in which masculinities manifest and do outreach and programming to try to parallel as many of those manifestations as possible. The Men’s Education Network works as a team to achieve the goals co-created by the members and the director of the Men and Masculinities Center. Internship or practicum possibilities exist.

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