Individualized Blood Pressure Management in the Community

Goal: Apply Individualized Blood Pressure Management in a Community Health Center to Improve Hypertension Management

The Chait-Choi team’s project, titled Individualized Blood Pressure Management in the Community, will examine the prevalence of hypertension in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area. Working at the Baystate High Street Health Center with local clinician Dr. Michael Germain and Baystate Health’s Dr. Paul Pirraglia, the team will collect data from the predominantly underrepresented population that the Baystate Health Center serves. The team points out that "Black Americans and Hispanic Americans have significantly lower rates of BP [blood pressure] control than White Americans; these disparities are likely due to systemic racial discrimination, socioeconomic inequity, and unequal access to healthcare services." By introducing innovative, individualized blood pressure (BP) management and making it available where patients typically seek care, our project helps to address transportation as a social determinant of health. It also has a strong focus on health equity