Elaine Marieb Center/ Institute for Diversity Sciences Joint Seed Grant 2023

Friday, April 14, 2023
woman in dress

Black Maternal Mobility in Western Massachusetts: The experience of transportation among Black Maternal Pregnant Women

Black women are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity compared to other women in the United States. There is a gap in knowledge about how transportation influences the experience of care during pregnancy. The purpose of this study is to investigate the transportation needs of pregnant Black women and identify the factors that may contribute to the racial disparities in maternal health outcomes. Relying on a community Based Participatory Research approach, we will use mixed methods – interviews, ride-alongs, and secondary data analysis – to better understand the transportation needs of Black women in Western MA and lay the foundation for future studies.  This project is a new interdisciplinary collaboration between the College of Engineering, the Elaine Marieb College of Nursing, and the School of Public Health & Health Sciences. 

(right: Dr. Lucinda Canty's original artwork)