Residential Services

Important Details To Make Mail Handling Easier

  1. Mailboxes Labels. Names on the student mailboxes need to be kept current. The data feed to the tracking system currently updates daily; in the future it will receive multiple updates throughout the day, so the freshest data is always in the tracking system.

  2. Package Log All packages will be received at the service desk using the SQBX package tracking application. This process is interconnected with the USPS tracking now and when you receive the package, it will display “Received by agent” on the USPS website. An automatic email notification is sent upon completion of the receive process. When delivered, a USPS online tracking will show “Delivered by agent to recipient”. That will post to the website after the individual has claimed the package and signed for it at the RSD.

  3. Packages at the RSD. Packages should not be held longer than seven days. Make sure students are properly notified of their packages. There will be several reminder statuses that send a reminder at 2 days, 4 days and 6 days. At 7 days, an email will be sent advising of all stale packages for return. USPS packages are given to Mail Services marked “unclaimed” using the ‘Transfer to Mail Services’ job aid. Mail Services does not handle UPS or FedEx packages. UPS and FedEx get returned directly to the respective carrier, not Mail Services. To return a UPS or FedEx package, you will select Transfer to UPS or Transfer to FedEx to remove those packages from your custody.

  4. Slots, mail bins for outgoing mail. Each mailroom should have one bin for First Class stamped mail and another for misdirected mail. This is essential for the Mail Clerk who delivers and picks up the dorm mail. Campus mail does not require postage and may be placed in the 1st class slot.

  5. Please - no marking on the mail. Defacing the mail is a federal offense. With the SQBX tracking system, there is no longer a need to write anything on a package. You will be printing a label with all necessary information to affix to the package. It should be placed in the lower left corner of the smallest face of the package, not on the same face as the barcode. For the envelopes, you will put the label on the same face as the tracking number. If information needs to be shared, you may do so within SQBX app, using the NOTES field for packages or the description line. You should still attach a Post-it and rubber band that when returning to Mail Services for forwarding or RTS.

  6. Overflow of mail: If the student’s mailbox is full, please pull the mail and make a bundle with a rubber band; make sure the mail has the student name and dorm number clearly marked. Bring back to the RSD and log as a package. You will receive this bundle using the ‘Receive’ job aid; Do NOT enter a tracking number. The app will create an internal transaction number for this bundle. These have no bearing on the ownership or link to any online tracking service, it is simply a way to identify the item in the SQBX system. For ‘Package Type’, you will select ‘bundle of letter mail’ and click the ‘Receive’ icon. This will enter the bundle as a package and generate an email to the student that they must claim this mail within 7 days or it will be returned to sender.

  7. Misdirected mail. USPS letter mail that is not deliverable should be placed in a tub clearly marked “misdirected”, to be removed by Mail Services. Be careful not to place any unsorted mail in or near the misdirected tub in mail rooms. For misdirected packages, please follow the ‘Transfer a package to another RSD’ job aid. UPS and FedEx should follow the Transfer to FedEx or Transfer to UPS job aid, and then hand them back to the respective drivers once they have been scanned out of SQBX.


For Mail Assistance

Monday-Friday  8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Stephanie Smith, Mail Services Office Manager
Phone: 413-545-2488


For SQBX Assistance

Monday-Friday  8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Rob Leveille, Mail & OpScan Services Supervisor
Phone: 413-545-1084

Resource Files 

Frequently Asked Questions 

My Delivery Confirmation says it was Transferred to Agent on Monday. It’s Tuesday and my package isn’t here! Where is it?

Delivery Confirmation is a confirmation that it was received at the local post office, not the time it is delivered to the dorm. There can be as many as three days from the date/time that is shown in tracking until the day it is sorted in your dorm.

I was told I have a package to pick up. Where do I get it?

Check to see where the message to pick up the package is from. - If it came from Mail Services then you should follow the instructions in the email. - If the email you received is from your Residential Services Desk (RSD), you must go to your designated RSD.

I moved to a new dorm/left campus. Where is my mail?

Your mail, whether you moved to a new dorm or off campus will be forwarded to your current address listing in SPIRE. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure their address information is correct and up to date! If they do not have a valid campus address or have graduated, the package will be forwarded to their PERM address listing in SPIRE. If there is no PERM address listing or it shows a campus address, the package will be RETURNED TO SENDER.

Where is my UPS/FedEx package?

UPS and FedEX delivers directly to your Residential Services Desk. For more info, see:

Grandma is sending me a care package. How should it be addressed?

Proper dorm address format can be found here.

** If your family is sending money, have them send it in the form of a U.S. Postal Money Order or Check. Never mail cash.

How do I contact eCampus about my textbook?

phone 859-209-6958

What is the best way to send an Edible Arrangement to a student living in a dorm?

Each dorm has an assigned Residential Service Desk (RSD) where all of their mail goes to be received, sorted and ultimately picked up by the student. It is recommended that you contact the associated RSD prior to scheduling the arrangement delivery to be provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information to give to the vendor to ensure a swift and painless delivery to the student.

A listing of all of the Residential Service Desks, including contact information and hours, can be found here