Mailpiece Design Assistance

By following proper design requirements your mailing will produce better results and reduced postage costs.   There are a number of options to consider including folded self-mailers, booklets, postcards, reply cards and envelopes and database design.

Folded Self-Mailers

A self-mailer is a folded piece that is letter-sized, isn't enveloped or bound and has no staples.


Booklets must have a bound edge. Sheets that are fastened with at least two staples in the manufacturing fold (saddle stitched), perfect bound, pressed-glued, or joined together by another binding method that produces an end where pages are attached together are considered booklets. Booklets are open on three sides before sealing, similar in design to a book. In general, booklets must be uniformly thick. Large bound booklets that are folded for mailing qualify for automation and machinable prices if the final mailpiece remains nearly uniform in thickness.

Reply cards and Envelopes

Any Reply Card or Envelope enclosed in a mailing must be barcoded to be meet discount postage requirements

Database Design

See Example of Proper Database Design link below in Resource Files

Proper design and maintenance of your database will:

  • Reduce postage costs
  • Reduce mail preparation costs
  • Improve delivery
  • Improve results with higher read rates

Please use the Resource Files shown below for the specific mailpiece needed for your project.

Resource Files 

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