Mail 101

New to Umass? In a new position and responsible for department office operations?  Need a refresher since you are now back on site? Understanding and navigating the Umass system can be confusing.  We have put together several educational materials to take the confusion out of mail, shipping and receiving for your office.

In January each year, the US Postal Service releases postal rate increases and updates to mailing regulations. This year the increase in postage cost includes the cost of a first-class stamp and a significant increase for priority mail cost. There are also new requirements for address lists (penalties for poor data quality) and requirements for sending international packages that will result in your mail being returned if you fail to provide the new required information. Come find out the details and how your budget and shipping process will be affected. The breakout sessions will be run by Mail & Distribution Services and Research Compliance.
Join us for an informative Mail 101 session, on 3/16/23 from 9 am to 11 am. Topics will be covered in a series of breakout sessions: First Class/Campus Mail, Marketing Mail (aka Bulk Mail), Shipping/Receiving Freight and an overview of Research Shipping by our Research Compliance department. A more complete list of topics can be found at the  WL&D website
This session is targeted at new hires and veteran administrative staff and reflects the latest changes in postage and handling requirements. 
The combined class transcript can be found below in the Resources section.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What if we are sending mail to the Mount Ida campus?

Mount Ida has a courier that picks up once/week on Fridays. Be sure to include a complete delivery address. If your mail needs to be there within a day or two, I suggest sending via USPS first class mail. If it can wait until the Friday pickup, it must be in your outgoing campus mail by 8 am Thursday morning. Use a campus-mail envelope and note "Via Courier"

Is there a courier that goes to the Mount Ida campus? Is there a courier that goes to the other UMass campuses?

The Campus courier to the 6 UMass campuses has been discontinued. Each Friday, someone picks up any mail going to Mt Ida campus. Mail for Mt Ida needs to be in outgoing campus mail no later than 8 am Thursday morning. Any mail for the other UMass campuses should be prepared as first class mail, and a speedtype provided for postage.