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In Memoriam


Dr. Eleanor McQuillen is shown in the Vermont Medical Examiners office.

Photo: Burlington Free Press, 1980

Crime and Curiosity

Dr. Eleanor Nicolai McQuillen ’56, a trailblazing forensic pathologist and former chief medical examiner for the state of Vermont, died May 30, 2021, at the age of 86.

A pre-med major at UMass, McQuillen went on to Boston University School of Medicine, graduating as one of only three female doctors in her class. She found her way to forensic medicine when she was asked to consult in a high-profile murder trial as a clinical pathologist in Pennsylvania. Building on her public health roots, she trained as a crime scene investigator and obtained board certification in forensic pathology. After a move to Vermont, McQuillen served as the state’s deputy medical examiner, rising to chief medical examiner in 1978—the first woman ever appointed to the position.

“Mom took seriously her role as an advocate for her ‘patients,’ i.e., the deceased,” says her son, Michael McQuillen. “She told me that they could no longer speak for themselves, and it was her job and that of the police and court system to speak for them.” A talented artist, McQuillen chronicled her crime scene experiences in a unique series of folk paintings. She retired in 1990, having also served as the first female president of the National Association of Medical Examiners.



‘Murph Will Take Care of It’

For nearly 20 years, Jim Murphy ’00 worked behind the scenes to bring New England viewers the story of each day’s news. As video editing crew chief for Boston’s WBZ-TV, the Haverhill, Massachusetts native honed his award-winning editing skills and became the “best of the best,” as WBZ sports anchor and reporter Steve Burton recently recalled in The Boston Globe. In a televised tribute to Murphy, who died unexpectedly following a heart attack last July, his colleagues remembered a skilled and passionate editor whose deepest love was for time spent with his family, including his wife Stacy and two young children, Gavin and Quinn.

Jim and Stacy met as fellow students at UMass, where he studied communication and media studies. Following graduation, Murphy joined the WBZ team in 2002, where he earned three Emmy Awards, an Associated Press award, and an Edward R. Murrow Award. Among his many career highlights, Murphy served as long-standing editor for the WBZ sports department, where he produced the station’s pre- and post-Super Bowl shows. Following Murphy’s death, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft sent the family his team’s condolences, as well as a team jersey emblazoned with Murphy’s name.

Outside of the editing suite, Murphy is remembered for his helpful nature and unflagging generosity. “His gift was that he lifted the burden off his colleagues and said, ‘I’ll take care of that,’” recalled news anchor Paula Ebben in the on-air tribute. “That’s how Jim showed his love and devotion to his WBZ family and to his family at home.”




Detail from black and white photo portrait shows the eyes and part of the face of Jules Chametzky.

Photo: Jules Chametzky, ca. 1975. University Photograph Collection (RG 120_2). Special Collections and University Archives, University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries

A Driving Force for Diversity

Jules Chametzky, professor emeritus of English, died September 23 in Amherst, Massachusetts. He was 93.

A founder and editor of the Massachusetts Review, Chametzky began teaching at UMass Amherst in 1958 and held teaching positions at universities in Zagreb, Venice, and Copenhagen, and several in Germany. He was an expert in American Jewish and ethnic literatures, the author of numerous books, and recipient of a Chancellor’s Medal in 1990 for distinguished teaching and scholarship. He also received the Award for Distinguished Contribution to Ethnic Studies from the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States in 1995.

In 2010, the Massachusetts Review established the annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize for a translation published in the magazine, to honor both Chametzky’s role at the Massachusetts Review and his substantial contributions in advancing cross-cultural understanding. In addition to his personal scholarship, Chametzky was instrumental in “pushing for the establishment of departments of Afro-American studies, women’s studies, and Judaic studies” and was involved in “literally every initiative that increased diversity at the university,” according to Lee R. Edwards, former dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. “Chametzky did more over the years than any other single individual to transform [UMass Amherst] into today’s vibrant, thriving, and mature campus. … We are all in his debt,” says Edwards.



Translating care

Brenda Carol Hamel Baxley ’73, who used her Spanish skills to change lives in both the United States and Honduras, died on June 24, 2021, at the age of 70.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Baxley spent part of her childhood in Puerto Rico, where she developed a deep love of the Spanish language. She graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in bilingual education and Spanish and began her 17-year teaching career at a bilingual elementary school in Woburn, Massachusetts, helping native Spanish-speaking students transition to full English-language learning. After earning a master’s degree, she taught AP Spanish at Sandwich High School on Cape Cod.

In 1990, Baxley and her physician husband Grover joined with a group of friends to establish the nonprofit organization Cape CARES, which provides medical services to poor communities in Honduras. Baxley volunteered with Cape CARES for 23 years, serving as a translator for about a dozen medical missions.

A born teacher, Baxley was passionate about encouraging others to learn Spanish. “High school kids would come to her for advice,” says Grover. “She was a very good judge of character and really enjoyed getting the most out of kids.”



Below we recognize the alumni and faculty whose deaths were reported to the UMass Amherst Alumni Association between August 2, 2021, and January 31, 2022. Please submit address changes and nominations for remembrances to:


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Gilbert J. Salk ’44, 07/27/2021, Chestnut Hill, MA

Dr. Diane E. Kelton ’45, 09/18/2021, Amherst, MA

Janice K. (Holland) Mullaney ’46, 10/04/2021, Irondale, AL

Barbara C. (Carr) Thompson ’46, 07/25/2021, Billings, MT

Jean (Swenson) Keyes ’47, 11/24/2021, Delta, PA

Anthony Lopez ’47, 08/22/2021, Blacksburg, VA

James L. Dinsmore ’48, 10/10/2021, Northfield, MA

Patricia (Clancy) Ferres ’48, 08/22/2021, Glenwood Springs, CO

Doris K. (Kennedy) Keough ’48, 08/03/2021, Mashpee, MA

Alice M. (McNally) Leland ’48, 11/16/2020, Shelburne, VT

Roland A. Campbell ’49, 10/17/2021, Pelham, MA


Albert R. Broude ’50, 01/04/2019, Brookline, MA

Harlan B. Ladd ’50, 06/17/2021, Venice, FL

Dr. Robert S. Bond ’51, 08/28/2021, Hallowell, ME

Carl D. Brandt ’51, 06/17/2020, Floral Park, NY

David L. Dodge ’51, 09/05/2021, Starke, FL

Donald Q. McCollester ’51, 08/27/2021, Northfield, MA

Melvin J. Milender ’51, 2021, Warner, NH

Charles W. Nystrom ’51, 11/05/2021, Winston Salem, NC

Robert B. Warren ’51, 11/12/2021, Middleboro, MA

John J. Boyle ’52, 11/15/2021, Swampscott, MA

Mary A. (Renfer) Kallet ’52, 07/27/2021

James L. Sniffen ’52, 04/15/2020, Block Island, RI

Richard B. Crandall ’53, 08/06/2021

Allan T. Garner ’53, 10/27/2021, Tyringham, MA

Victor J. Pietkiewicz ’53, 06/21/2021, Medford, MA

Priscilla L. Pike ’53, 11/08/2021, Easthampton, MA

Robert A. Servais ’53, 10/31/2021, Mansfield, MA

Gwendolyn (Judson) Blanchard ’54, 08/19/2021, Middleboro, MA

Helen M. Donega ’54, 10/09/2021, North Adams, MA

Robert W. Lesperance ’54, 11/01/2021, South Hadley, MA

Martha (Kimball) Mongovin ’54, 07/26/2021, Milton, NH

William A. Sweeney ’54, 10/24/2021, Albany, NY

Pauline E. Turner ’54, 11/27/2021, Reston, VA

Hilda E. (Sluckis) Blake ’55, 10/28/2021, Millbury, MA

Myron Cooper ’55, 10/27/2021, North Andover, MA

Otto A. Gartman ’55, 10/15/2021, Holyoke, MA

Dorothy E. (Huebner) Gerber ’55, 10/31/2021, Boise, ID

Richard F. Houston ’55, 09/17/2021, Southborough, MA

Donald F. MacPhee ’55, 07/24/2021, Pocasset, MA

Ronald J. Runstein ’55, 11/30/2021, Boynton Beach, FL

Anthony N. Sacco ’55, 11/09/2021, Bow, NH

Carlton B. Colburn ’56, 11/09/2021, Naples, FL

Benjamin W. Colodny ’56, 09/27/2021, Westminster, CA

Sheila A. (McCormick) Coy ’56, 11/26/2021, Minneapolis, MN

Philip C. Hallenbrook ’56, 05/24/2021, Santa Monica, CA

Joseph P. Lambert ’56, 07/30/2021, Raleigh, NC

Chester R. Norris ’56, 11/18/2021, Cocoa Beach, FL

John E. O’Shea ’56, 11/13/2021, Greer, SC

Naomi J. (Shapiro) Sherman ’56, 11/22/2020, Hull, MA

Richard P. Bartholomew ’57, 2021, East Haven, CT

James M. Falvey ’57, 09/03/2021, Greenfield, MA

Thomas F. Foley ’57, 09/26/2021, Mechanicsburg, PA

Robert W. Fuller ’57, 09/30/2020, Saunderstown, RI

James T. Kiosses ’57, 08/19/2021, Bronx, NY

Mary L. (Parker) Lavelle ’57, 07/07/2021, Belmont, NH

Thomas F. Lyons ’57, 10/16/2021, Broad Run, VA

Charles B. Stimson ’57, 07/26/2021, Princeton, MA

Roberta (Spiller) April ’58, 09/06/2021, Groton, CT

Norman L. Harvey ’58, 08/23/2021, Silver Spring, MD

Thomas S. McGuire ’58, 10/27/2021, Ocala, FL

John J. Golda ’59, 10/24/2021, Middletown, CT

Donald J. Kusnierz ’59, 09/23/2021, Niantic, CT

Martha D. (Dewhirst) St. Lawrence ’59, 09/09/2021, Acton, MA


Thomas D. Armentano ’60, 05/15/2021

Robert B. Brack ’60, 09/08/2021, Concord, MA

Paul L. Kemp ’60, 07/23/2021, Greenfield, MA

Wayne O. Lynch ’60, 05/18/2021, Exeter, NH

Malcolm D. MacKenzie ’60, 08/25/2021, Shrewsbury, MA

Robert Zelis ’60, 08/20/2021, Hummelstown, PA

Richard G. Atkinson ’61, Agawam, MA

Richard N. Bonk ’61, 10/31/2021, Groton, MA

Charles F. Costa ’61, 08/29/2021, Las Vegas, NV

James Earley ’61, 11/30/2021, Westwood, MA

Joseph J. Graham ’61, 10/28/2021

Raymond M. Mello ’61, 10/31/2021, Greensburg, PA

David N. Mitchelson ’61, 11/13/2021, Wallingford, CT

Joseph E. Sheehan ’61, 11/21/2021, Hancock, ME

Paul Varga ’61, 08/24/2021, Columbia, MD

John J. Anzalotti ’62, 07/20/2021, Wilbraham, MA

Herbert P. Golub ’62, 08/19/2021, Chilmark, MA

Delos M. Hilton ’62, 08/27/2021, Pine Beach, NJ

Joseph M. Patten ’62, 2021, Westborough, MA

Jack D. Phillips ’62, 11/08/2021, Amherst, MA

Donald E. Poultney ’62, 09/04/2021, Gardner, MA

Lloyd J. Teran ’62, 03/27/2019, Sherborn, MA

Steven F. Alger ’63, 08/23/2021, Holliston, MA

Janet A. Casey ’63, 09/24/2021, Andover, MA

John J. Fitzgerald ’63, 11/26/2021, Longmeadow, MA

Roy F. Forgit ’63, 10/19/2020, East Walpole, MA

George P. Kasper ’63, 11/01/2021, Sandwich, MA

Albert B. Moore ’63, 08/29/2021, Woolwich, ME

Howard J. Wayne ’63, 05/13/2020, Denver, CO

Richard A. Wells ’63, 10/14/2021

Leslie E. (Ekberg) Angell ’64, 09/28/2021, Damariscotta, ME

Anne (Slafsky) Armand ’64, 10/19/2021, Lynnfield, MA

Sylvia M. (Oakes) Cullington ’64, 11/02/2021, Concord, MA

Richard J. Hanson ’64, 08/14/2021, Brewster, MA

Merilee (Carlson) Hill ’64, 03/26/2021, Amherst, MA

John P. Lepoer ’64, 08/20/2021, Spencer, MA

James E. Nelson ’64, 08/24/2021

Sandra B. (Roche) Oueilette ’64, 10/21/2021

John T. Pianowski ’64, 09/20/2021, Opelika, AL

Judith M. (Markoski) Pleau ’64, 07/23/2021, Torrington, CT

Robert B. Sigda ’64, 08/17/2021, Boca Raton, FL

Ronald N. White ’64, 11/12/2021, Burleson, TX

William D. Annese ’65, 08/10/2021, Webster, MA

Robert L. Fierra ’65, 11/09/2021, Taunton, MA

Kenneth W. Fitzgerald ’65, 07/17/2021, Medina, OH

Robert E. Hillberg ’65, 08/21/2021, San Francisco, CA

Joan M. (Tremblay) Irons ’65, 11/07/2021, Byfield, MA

Beti E. (Evans) Randall ’65, 10/24/2021

Leo J. Stanlake ’65, 11/13/2021, Branford, CT

John A. Stolgitis ’65, 11/09/2021

Joyce A. Waldauer ’65, 07/24/2021, Minneapolis, MN

Dennis E. Elgrim ’66, 08/12/2021

Roger W. Hanley ’66, 09/05/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Ethel L. Pike ’66, 10/28/2021, Vershire, VT

Robert F. Walker ’66, 07/14/2021

Harriet (Hulbert) Ball ’67, 10/13/2021, Deerfield, MA

Russell R. Bessette ’67, 08/25/2021, Shelbyville, IN

Charles Cardillo ’67, 09/08/2020, Wakefield, MA

William J. Carter ’67, 08/16/2021, Worthington, MA

Paul M. Joyce ’67, 10/05/2021

Richard D. Moscow ’67, 07/19/2021, Exton, PA

Patricia (Meehan) Parnell ’67, 10/07/2021, Framingham, MA

E. A. Parseghian ’67, 11/05/2021, Wrentham, MA

Barbara J. (Pearson) Pearson-Rac ’67, 08/03/2021, Wynnewood, PA

Karen (Roseen) Reilly ’67, 10/09/2021, Hampden, ME

Joel I. Verter ’67, 08/13/2021, Rockville, MD

Gerald W. Walls ’67, 12/22/2020, Abington, MA

Gerald J. Berenbaum ’68, 09/09/2021, Bethel Park, PA

Keith W. Ellis ’68, 09/06/2021, Monument Beach, MA

Richard T. Misiaszek ’68, 11/04/2021, Stoughton, MA

Janet M. (Papile) O’Day ’68, 10/08/2021, Wells, ME

Paul T. Pacheco ’68, 10/14/2021, Novato, CA

Robert Y. Southard ’68, 10/28/2021, Easthampton, MA

Bert E. Stromberg ’68, 08/11/2021, Minneapolis, MN

Yaffa B. (Benet) Gunner ’69, 09/10/2021, Amherst, MA

Frederick S. Jarvis ’69, 04/01/2021, Estero, FL

James F. Lentowski ’69, 07/06/2021, Nantucket, MA

John A. Sullivan ’69, 11/12/2021, Jacksonville, FL

Janet S. (Spring) Toner ’69, 07/18/2021


Jacalyn (Werner) Abrams ’70, 11/06/2021, Brattleboro, VT

Lois A. Goepfert ’70, 10/08/2021, Hanson, MA

Jo-Ann L. Goldberg ’70, 08/13/2021, Beverly, MA

Marc S. Katz ’70, 11/22/2021, Manchester, CT

Barry W. Kimball ’70, 11/02/2021, New Harbor, ME

Susan A. (Adams) Novotny ’70, 09/12/2020, Whately, MA

Peter M. Seward ’70, 10/21/2021, Bennington, VT

Richard A. Wise ’70, 07/23/2021, Littleton, CO

Peter J. Bolduc ’71, 07/19/2021, Bradford, NH

Robert A. Gentry ’71, 06/18/2021, Leominster, MA

Stephen E. German ’71, 08/01/2021, Torrington, CT

Mark Johnson ’71, 10/14/2021, Euless, TX

Theodore R. Lundquist ’71, 06/09/2021, Rocklin, CA

Thomas E. Maczka ’71, 2020, Leverett, MA

Charles P. Papagni ’71, 10/16/2021, Mashpee, MA

Neil A. Stroul ’71, 10/09/2021, Washignton DC, DC

Charles R. Tumminelli ’71, 09/29/2021, Naples, FL

Robert P. Donlin ’72, 10/20/2021, Essex, CT

Kathleen A. (Falvey) Fahey ’72, 11/17/2021, Greenfield, MA

Stephen T. Greaney ’72, 09/25/2021, Worcester, MA

Henry Jones ’72, 11/13/2021

Lloyd J. Marshall ’72, 10/29/2021, Palm Harbor, FL

Karen A. (Wilson) Mientka ’72, 08/15/2021, Amherst, MA

Charlotte P. (Preston) Otis ’72, 09/21/2021, Williamsburg, MA

Ronald J. Palaima ’72, 07/20/2021, Largo, FL

Joseph F. Santoro ’72, 12/08/2019, West Yarmouth, MA

Howard G. Sawyer ’72, 08/19/2021, Raynham, MA

Bruce C. Southerton ’72, 09/22/2021, Duxbury, MA

Bruce M. Zeller ’72, 11/24/2021, West Chatham, MA

Glenn J. Barkley ’73, 08/15/2021, North Falmouth, MA

Donald W. Blakesley ’73, 07/30/2021, Agawam, MA

Kevin P. Filley ’73, 06/22/2021, Orlando, FL

Patricia Harrison ’73, 10/07/2021, Orleans, MA

Robert W. Horacek ’73, 10/31/2021, APO, AE

Seth Kellogg ’73, 10/13/2021, Southwick, MA

Dr. Paul T. Kostecki ’73, 11/20/2021, South Deerfield, MA

George T. Miles ’73, 11/19/2021

Deborah E. (Elworthy) Brooks ’74, 10/15/2021, Newport, VT

Bruce K. Ekholm ’74, 09/10/2021

Walter J. Elliot ’74, 09/08/2021, Hanover, MA

John W. Grennon ’74, 06/29/2019, Milwaukee, WI

Phillip C. Magnuson ’74, 08/08/2021

Robert W. Martin ’74, 08/19/2021, Campbellsville, KY

Glen E. Neifing ’74, 07/29/2021, Knoxville, TN

Matthew E. Tackeff ’74, 10/24/2021, Rye Beach, NH

Joan M. Beattie ’75, 08/19/2021, Hatfield, MA

Barbara A. (Holt) Harper ’75, 01/03/2019, Upton, MA

James P. McDermott ’75, 10/29/2021, Middletown, RI

Wesley A. Ross ’75, 11/22/2021, Lenox, MA

Philip J. Saviano ’75, 11/28/2021, Roslindale, MA

Theodore E. Soter ’75, 08/15/2021, Worcester, MA

Patricia S. Aho ’76, 04/17/2021, Amherst, MA

Maureen L. (Loughnane) Libby ’76, 08/21/2021, Pembroke, MA

Margaret S. Page ’76, 08/16/2021, Sheridan, WY

Christopher M. Turletes ’76, 07/21/2021, Anchorage, AK

Clinton O. Berge ’77, 11/27/2021, Granby, MA

Dr. Elizabeth S. Bowdan ’77, 09/12/2021, South Hadley, MA

Richard M. Buckley ’77, 10/16/2021, Monroe, CT

Peter G. Colton ’77, 09/03/2021, Winchester, MA

Michael F. Milewski ’77, 10/13/2021, Leland, NC

Willard Plumley ’77, 10/09/2021, Plymouth, MA

Donald E. Wightman ’77, 11/16/2021, Hull, MA

Maryann J. (Sattler) Bassett ’78, 10/01/2021, West Brookfield, MA

Kevin M. Cummings ’78, 10/28/2021, Saratoga Springs, NY

William S. Molloy ’78, 11/07/2021, Lakeway, TX

Ellen S. (Jacobs) Montague ’78, 09/20/2021, Walnut Creek, CA

Paul R. Widegren ’78, 10/04/2021, West Yarmouth, MA

Donald L. Bush ’79, 10/27/2021, Malden, MA

Devasis Chatterjee ’79, 11/09/2021, Canton, MA

Edmund F. Goolsby ’79, 11/30/2021, Marblehead, MA

William O’Brien-Garvey ’79, 08/06/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Wilson S. Sallum ’79, 10/31/2021, Tiverton, RI

Randall T. White ’79, 10/07/2021, Woodbridge, VA


Bruce K. Dietrich ’80, 11/03/2021, Midland, MI

Richard A. Hayden ’80, 09/22/2021, Newburyport, MA

Laura E. (Stein) Schreiber ’80, 07/23/2020, Chevy Chase, MD

David L. Stanton ’80, 08/15/2021, Upton, MA

Marjorie J. Vancleef ’80, 10/26/2021, Wyncote, PA

Billy G. Blevins ’81, 09/29/2021, Chesapeake, VA

Sean B. Connelly ’81, 08/21/2021, Turners Falls, MA

Edwin C. Demara ’81, 08/29/2021, Agawam, MA

Joan G. (Bennet) Keochakian ’81, 08/07/2021, Amherst, MA

Jacqueline L. Maidana ’81, 07/26/2021, Amherst, MA

Emily Eckstein ’82, 10/21/2021, Springfield, MA

Richard P. Lamorte ’82, 06/03/2020, Shelley, ID

Everett N. Larson ’82, 07/27/2021, Daytona Beach, FL

Douglas B. Nadeau ’82, 11/06/2021, Topeka, KS

Nancy L. Buchanan ’83, 10/31/2021, Greenfield, MA

Franklin S. Tirsch ’83, 09/21/2021, Springfield, IL

Ruth B. Katzner ’84, 10/19/2021, Amherst, MA

Brian B. Maloney ’84, 07/08/2021, Fort Myers, FL

Peter A. Monchamp ’84, 08/17/2021, Sterling, MA

Sara B. Carroll ’85, 10/30/2021, Brockton, MA

Frances P. Casey ’85, 09/30/2021, Saint Albans, VT

Jing Wang ’85, 07/25/2021, Auburndale, MA

Daniel M. Kent ’86, 09/30/2021, Quincy, MA

Stephen M. Paul ’86, 08/04/2021, Feeding Hills, MA

Howard N. Robinson ’87, 05/17/2021, Middletown Springs, VT

Amy C. (Kundel) Rust ’87, 08/02/2021, Succasunna, NJ

Daniel J. Dolan ’88, 09/13/2021, Troy, NY

Annette E. Greenland ’88, 12/17/2020, Vilonia, AR

Edward K. Howe ’88, 11/19/2021, Fitchburg, MA

Margaret L. Flaherty ’89, 07/22/2021, Longmeadow, MA

Terrence J. McDonough ’89, 09/07/2021, Buffalo, NY

Mary A. Mutryn ’89, 10/15/2021, Rockville, MD


Ernest J. Brandano ’92, 09/20/2021, North Reading, MA

Todd J. Carmel ’92, 10/13/2021, Framingham, MA

William J. Giovannucci ’92, 09/26/2021, North Weymouth, MA

Jack Sarmanian ’92, 09/11/2021, Wells, ME

Darren S. Stone ’92, 10/02/2021, Hollywood, FL

Charles Braun ’93, 10/08/2021, Northampton, MA

William M. Heffernan ’93, 11/22/2021, Clermont, FL

Philippa (Scott) Scott-Easdon ’93, 08/16/2021, Vernon Rockville, CT

Deyin Xu ’95, 08/21/2021, Lexington, MA

Lesley J. Bolduc ’96, 10/05/2021, Colrain, MA

Michael J. Burns ’96, 07/28/2021, Ellington, CT

Julie A. Dorval ’96, 11/11/2021, Brookfield, MA

Scott W. Andrews ’98, 07/22/2019, Winston Salem, NC

Douglas C. Davies ’98, 07/31/2021, Greenfield, MA

Michael T. Siciliano ’98, 11/16/2021, Holyoke, MA

Howard C. Witt ’98, 11/10/2021, Spring, TX

Alexander E. Mendes ’99, 07/17/2021, Elkridge, MD


Bryah W. Gifford ’01, 08/12/2021, Ballston Spa, NY

Nina H. Deland ’02, 08/04/2021, Brighton, MA

Michael J. Laramee ’02, 08/08/2021, Milford, MA

Meaghan A. Haney ’07, 11/07/2021, Sturbridge, MA

Devon A. MacInnes ’09, 10/31/2021, Neptune, NJ


Matthew J. Briggs ’11, 08/25/2021, Seattle, WA

Richard T. Wright ’12, 07/24/2021, West Springfield, MA

Frank Condez ’18, 10/29/2021, North Dartmouth, MA


Dr. Dwight W. Allen, 10/16/2021, Aurora, CO

Americo C. Andrade, 09/25/2021, Ludlow, MA

Ute Bargmann, 08/14/2021, Conway, MA

Michael Bechard, 11/15/2021, Three Rivers, MA

Dr. Robert S. Bond ’51, 08/28/2021, Hallowell, ME

Dr. Elizabeth S. Bowdan ’77, 09/12/2021, South Hadley, MA

Jessie M. Buck, 10/30/2021, South Hadley, MA

John K. Bynan, 05/19/2020, Chicopee, MA

Richard F. Caldwell, 09/04/2021, Shelburne Falls, MA

Douglas C. Davies ’98, 07/31/2021, Greenfield, MA

Professor Robert D. Davis, 08/18/2021, Pensacola, FL

Wanda A. Dion, 08/29/2021

George H. Dragon, 11/25/2021, Hadley, MA

Mitchell B. Gervickas, 09/10/2021, Hadley, MA

Thomas A. Grow, 08/24/2020, Cincinnati, OH

Professor Julius Gundersheim, 10/29/2021, Natick, MA

Clarabelle Hawes, 08/27/2021, Hadley, MA

Merilee (Carlson) Hill ’64, 03/26/2021, Amherst, MA

Dr. Diane E. Kelton ’45, 09/18/2021, Amherst, MA

Maria I. King, 03/31/2020, Saunderstown, RI

Dr. Paul T. Kostecki ’73, 11/20/2021, South Deerfield, MA

Dean C. Letourneau, 04/11/2020, Turners Falls, MA

Thomas E. Maczka ’71, 2020, Leverett, MA

Jacqueline L. Maidana ’81, 07/26/2021, Amherst, MA

Michael F. Milewski ’77, 10/13/2021, Leland, NC

Professor Ward S. Motts, 02/22/2020, Amherst, MA

Professor Stephen B. Oates, 08/26/2021, Amherst, MA

Antoinette B. Rodak, 10/29/2021, Hadley, MA

Kevin A. Scanlon, 08/09/2021, Wendell, MA

Rose J. Skorupski, 08/01/2021

Dr. Richard S. Stein ’92, 06/21/2021, Shutesbury, MA

Gloria A. Thornton, 08/14/2021, Amherst, MA

Professor Edward W. Westhead, 06/01/2021, Boulder, CO

Amelia J. Young, 07/06/2021