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The Wellbeing, Access, and Prevention (WAP) group within Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) recognizes that loneliness and isolation are critical challenges to students’ wellbeing, and the ability to reach out to one another creates a culture of active caring that supports health, safety, and learning for the campus community. Pete Smith, director of SACL Communications and Professional Development, says that as the group was thinking of ways to reach the most vulnerable students and connect them with helpful strategies, they realized that they needed a new approach to capture the attention of everyone. They decided to launch a poster campaign with eye-catching artwork and a link to resources. Papercut artist Nikki McClure grounds her work in the very themes that WAP was looking to reinforce—connection, community, and resilience—so her art was a natural choice for posters that would, as Smith notes, “stop anyone in their tracks for a moment of reflection.”



Illustration of a computer screen sitting on a desk. The screen shows a gallery of happy faces.

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