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In Memoriam

‘A Loss that Reverberates’

On March 10, 2019, 24-year-old Samya Stumo ’15 was on her way to Uganda for her first assignment as a health care analyst when she and 156 other people died in a plane crash near Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in Ethiopia.

Stumo was working for ThinkWell at the time, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit working on improving health care in developing countries. It was a perfect fit. Stumo wrote that she was "passionate about resolving disconnects between policy and practice, making health care people-centered by nature, and inspired to impact change while rejecting the status quo in global health and development."

Her family wrote that she was focused on "revolutionizing global health, especially reducing obstacles for women. She cared most about treating all people and patients as human beings, particularly in the context of their culture, family, and individuality.”

The plane was full of people trying to make the world better. It's a loss that reverberates and affects a lot of people.

—Ralph Nader

"She dropped everything to help people. It's a tremendous loss not just for her and her family, but all the people she would have saved over the next 50 years," explained her great uncle, political activist Ralph Nader. “She was the kind of leader that we hoped to get from our young generation in our world.”

In the wake of her death, some of Stumo’s family members have testified on Capitol Hill, written articles, and worked hard to get the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane grounded until it can be made safe. Nadia Milleron, Stumo’s mother, continues the fight: “More work must be done to ensure others won't face the same grief and loss that my family now copes with each day.”

Stumo’s family members have created the Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Initiative for Universal Quality Healthcare, which aims to find talented young leaders to extend Samya’s vision and mission for low- and middle-income countries, and areas to affect change focusing on human-centered health care. Young alumnae of UMass Amherst are encouraged to apply.



Honoring a Professor's Love of the Lab

Joan Langley ’72 didn’t think it would be so easy, but setting up an endowment at UMass to honor her husband turned out to be, well, almost natural.

Joan’s husband, UMass Physics Professor Kenneth Langley, died in March 2019. He began his 36-year career at UMass in 1966 when he moved to Amherst with his wife and their daughter Christine. “There were many new faculty that came about the same time, and so there was a very social aspect with the department at UMass—as well as professional. We were friends,” says Joan.

To honor Ken’s love of teaching and his dedication to laboratory research, Joan created the Professor Kenneth Langley and Joan Langley Research Fund for Future Physicists. The endowment will fund one or more undergraduate students conducting summer research in a physics lab on campus. The awards—available to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors—will be presented at a department ceremony each spring. “What’s great about the endowment is that it’s not only about grades,” says Joan. “It’s about potential.”

Ken first studied physics at MIT where he graduated in 1958. He then received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1966. In the late 1970s, Ken and fellow UMass Physics Professor Norman Ford cofounded Langley Ford Instruments—one of the earliest high-tech startup companies in Amherst. In the 1980s, the firm designed and built precision light-scattering instruments for use in industrial and academic research. In addition to other applications, these devices are used for blood analysis in hospitals and medical laboratories across the country.

“Our children and I wanted this endowment to support laboratory research,” says Joan. “That’s because Ken loved teaching in the lab. He loved doing things.” Of her experience creating the endowment, she smiles and says, “We are beyond thrilled to be a part of this. It feels good in so many ways. To know you are helping future generations of physicists doing something they love, just as Ken loved it, and if that helps change the world, all for the good.”




Joel Halpern photographing a wedding during one of his research trips

Photo by SEAiT and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Digital Collections Center

Chronicling Life's Changing Rhythms

Professor Emeritus Joel Martin Halpern, a cultural anthropologist best known for his six decades of study in the former Yugoslavia, died in July 2019 at the age of 90. Halpern was an adventurer who traveled throughout Europe, North America, and Asia for fieldwork and ethnographic research.

Halpern studied history at the University of Michigan and earned his PhD from Columbia University. For his doctoral study on the modernization of the Balkans, Halpern and his family lived with a local Serbian-speaking family in Orašac, where he and his then wife, anthropologist Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern, chronicled the rhythms of village life with a focus on the impact of the introduction of electricity and indoor plumbing and the exodus of young people to cities. His PhD dissertation was published as A Serbian Village and received the Clarke F. Ansley Award from Columbia University Press in 1956. Halpern’s research had staying power; in 1986, a Belgrade film crew made the documentary “The Halperns in Orašac,” in which Halpern and his wife reminisced with villagers about changes that had taken place over the 30 years since their original research. The film was shown to children in Serbia to help them understand their heritage.

Halpern, a prolific writer, launched his career as a junior foreign service officer in Southeast Asia and later as a consultant to the RAND Corporation. He was drawn to positions that allowed him to study customs and cultures of a wide variety of peoples and authored or coauthored dozens of books on the Balkans and Southeast Asia, focused particularly on the study of rural life and urbanization, the economy, ethnicity, and cultural change. He began teaching in 1958 at the University of California Los Angeles and was later recruited to join the faculty at UMass Amherst, where he taught from 1967 until his retirement in 1993.

While at UMass, Halpern studied Southeast Asian populations in New England and coauthored a book with his UMass colleague Lucy Nguyen Hong Nhiem—The Far East Comes Near—a collection of personal accounts of college students who were refugees from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Many of his papers are housed in the Special Collections and University Archives at UMass and in archives at the Smithsonian Institution.




David Akiba photograph of pedestrians in a street scene with artistic color treatments

Photo by David Akiba

Capturing the Boston Most Never Saw

David Akiba ’69, a photographer and teacher who urged students to use inquisitive eyes to create art, died in August 2019 at the age of 78.

“On countless walks through parts of Boston many never visit, David Akiba developed a singular vision of the city that he captured in decades of photographs,” begins a Boston Globe remembrance.

In his hunt for photographs of Boston and its residents, Akiba visited urban wastelands, railroad yards, and razed buildings. He captured beauty in mannequins stored in a factory, commuters at a train station, ballet dancers, and a quiet coffee shop on a Sunday morning. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Library of Congress, the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Boston Public Library, among others.

Akiba grew up in the working-class neighborhood of Winthrop, Massachusetts, and studied political science at UMass Amherst. His childhood passion for photography grew into a mastery of the art form.

A popular photography teacher, Akiba influenced many students enrolled in Boston-based colleges, including Emerson College and Babson College. According to the Boston Globe, he once told his students, “You can never exhaust the possibilities of the landscape. There are so many different kinds of woods, trees, and shrubs. It’s like Monet in his garden.”



Below we recognize the alumni and faculty whose deaths were reported to the UMass Amherst Alumni Association between October 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020. Please submit address changes and nominations for remembrances to:


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Rosa K. (Kohls) Conlon '40, 09/08/2019 Orangeburg, NY

Myron D. Hager '40, 01/17/2020 Falmouth, ME

Robert F. Halloran '41, 07/14/2013 Acton, MA

George A. McSwain '42, 00/00/2019 Prineville, OR

Harold E. Mosher '42, 10/03/2019 Amherst, MA

Mary E. (Judge) Wall '42, 05/14/2007 Harwich, MA

Aileen P. (Perkins) Cressy '44, 10/21/2019 Sandwich, MA

MaryAnn B. (Mroczkowski) Williams '46, 10/15/2019 New Bedford, MA

Richard W. Bemis '47, 10/12/2019 Spencer, MA

Wesley H. Osborne '48, 11/15/2019 Norwell, MA

David Pimentel '48, 12/12/2019 North Canton, OH

Nancy L. (Bowman) Blomquist '49, 11/19/2019 Worcester, MA

James E. Cassidy '49, 08/20/2019 Louisville, KY

Gordon P. DeWolf '49, 12/17/2019 West Brookfield, MA

Julia M. (Moore) Ladd '49, 12/09/2019 West Springfield, MA

Melvin Lavin '49, 12/01/2019 Monroe Township, NJ

Joseph R. Leal '49, 11/01/2019 Palmer, MA

George E. Wright '49, 11/30/2019 Amherst, MA


Arthur L. Di Venuti '50, 10/02/2019 Boxford, MA

Robert M. Gardner '50, 05/23/2013 Huntington Beach, CA

John Gilboard '50, 09/24/2019 North Andover, MA

Howard G. Gold '50, 08/00/2019 Shelton, CT

William V. Luti '50, 12/01/2019 Concord, NH

John E. Reddick '50, 11/19/2019 Norwood, MA

John P. Rogers '50, 09/14/2019 Columbia, MD

Carol H. (Heady) Sours '50, 12/25/2019 Clinton, NY

James P. Toomey '50, 09/28/2019 Danvers, MA

George A. Wilder '50, 11/15/2019 Poughkeepsie, NY

Chester S. Bak '51, 11/24/2019 Wallingford, CT

Louise F. (Feldman) Radack '51, 11/07/2019 Swampscott, MA

Nancy A. (Streeter) Ward '51, 12/31/2019 Wrentham, MA

Ann H. (Hall) Bissonette '52, 12/08/2019 Saratoga Springs, NY

Howard J. Clark '52, 01/14/2019 Scituate, MA

Donald W. Clifford '52, 10/06/2019 Salisbury, NC

Herbert H. Sievers '52, 10/21/2019 Louisville, KY

Harry Smith '52, 12/16/2019 Nashua, NH

Jeanne (Hebert) Armata '53, 11/28/2019 Wellesley Hills, MA

John J. Carty '53, 11/30/2019 Springfield, MA

Walter E. Farin '53, 01/10/2020 New Bedford, MA

Bettie-Ann Francis '53, 10/30/2019 New Bedford, MA

Ellen (Manninen) Goeben '53, 10/21/2019 Niantic, CT

Ernest A. Johnson '53, 10/19/2019 Hillsboro, OR

Howard M. Mason '53, 07/21/2018 Quincy, MA

Kenneth A. Moser '53, 10/06/2019 Topsfield, MA

Robert W. Southworth '53, 09/23/2019 West Newton, MA

Richard N. Bowen '54, 10/27/2019

Thomas F. Cullinane '54, 12/22/2019

Robert H. Deans '54, 12/05/2019 New Albany, OH

Francis V. Donovan '54, 10/13/2019 Meriden, CT

Lynwood H. Eaton '54, 01/01/2015 Worcester, MA

Robert P. McMahon '54, 09/23/2019 Springfield, MA

Owen R. O'Neill '54, 11/23/2019 Springfield, MA

Ronald H. Resnick '54, 10/14/2019 Denver, CO

Cecelia M. (O'Donnell) Campbell '55, 11/21/2019 Temple, TX

Gerald Cohen '55, 12/07/2019 Boston, MA

William J. Dean '55, 01/09/2020 Holyoke, MA

Terence M. Farrell '55, 09/29/2019

Sheila R. (Ryan) Flynn '55, 01/02/2020 Hampden, MA

Dorothy M. (Mckenna) Kehoe '55, 01/07/2020 Cody, WY

Morton Landy '55, 05/01/2017 Boston, MA

Robert H. Platenik '55, 01/25/2020 Fayetteville, NY

Richard J. Volungis '55, 12/04/2019 Morris, IL

Stanley M. Bemben '56, 10/05/2019 New Britain, CT

Carlton M. Briggs '56, 10/03/2019 Foxboro, MA

Virginia L. (Richards) Chuma '56, 01/03/2020 Chelmsford, MA

Ann C. (Cunningham) Fogg '56, 11/07/2019

David C. Peterson '56, 10/31/2019 Athol, MA

Frederick L. Pratt '56, 12/30/2019 South Sutton, NH

Ruth S. (Stern) Winter '56, 08/19/2009 Alpharetta, GA

J. A. Charlebois '57, 08/14/2019 Hyde Park, NY

Judith M. (Mackenzie) Clark '57, 10/27/2019 Scituate, MA

Mona Harrington '57, 10/19/2019 Cambridge, MA

Charles R. Kittle '57, 10/26/2019 Dalton, MA

Robert A. Lariviere '57, 09/21/2019 Scotch Plains, NJ

Paul M. Rosenberg '57, 11/06/2019 Towson, MD

Harold R. Swift '57, 09/26/2019 Whately, MA

Richard F. Walter '57, 12/25/2019 New Vernon, NJ

Charles P. Carlson '58, 11/27/2019 Shrewsbury, MA

Domenica A. (Chiota) Farrell '58, 11/05/2019 Universal City, TX

Thomas F. Flynn '58, 09/22/2019 Franklin, MA

Marcia A. (Andress) Jester '58, 10/05/2019 Longmeadow, MA

John G. Moore '58, 01/11/2020 Skaneateles, NY

Edward W. Bogins '59, 01/02/2020 Cairo, NY

John R. Campos '59, 12/01/2019 Bedford, MA

Wilfred L. Dennis '59, 12/31/2019 Otter River, MA

Barry H. Friedman '59, 10/01/2019 Peabody, MA

August R. Helberg '59, 11/06/2019 Somers, CT

Robert G. Peck '59, 10/11/2019 Lenox, MA

Sylvia (Finos) Vacca '59, 11/14/2019 Melrose, MA


David A. Bassett '60, 01/12/2020 Harwich Port, MA

Robert W. Grundy '60, 07/11/2019 Santa Monica, CA

David A. Jones '60, 10/14/2019 North Weymouth, MA

Antonio J. Piergiovanni '60, 12/11/2019 Chester, MA

William P. Tredo '60, 12/05/2019 Norton, MA

Robert E. Babeau '61, 11/24/2019 Fitchburg, MA

Joaquim Baptista '61, 12/28/2019 New Bedford, MA

A. M. Chretien '61, 12/01/2019 Powell, OH

Arthur F. Freeland '61, 12/29/2019 Manomet, MA

Richard C. Gleed '61, 12/19/2019 Rockton, IL

Elizabeth I. (Karl) Knowles '61, 01/10/2020 Spicewood, TX

Gitta (Cohen) Millos '61, 07/06/2018 Newton Center, MA

Richard A. Sumner '61, 01/02/2020 Charlemont, MA

Richard D. Waskiewicz '61, 12/04/2019 Amherst, MA

Edward I. Werenski '61, 10/23/2019 South Hadley, MA

Robert E. Edgren '62, 11/28/2019 Plymouth, MA

Stanley A. Forys '62, 11/29/2019 Chicopee, MA

Joseph Garcia '62, 01/01/2020 Hancock, NH

Ivan M. Heath '62, 12/27/2019 Taunton, MA

Christian E. Kaufman '62, 11/27/2019 Panama City, FL

George W. McKenna '62, 11/15/2019 Tarpon Springs, FL

Charles T. Donovan '63, 08/07/2019 Reading, MA

Bruce B. Freedman '63, 11/14/2008 San Mateo, CA

Reino Kock '63, 09/18/2019 Duxbury, MA

Stephen I. Lipman '63, 09/27/2019 Newport, RI

Chester A. Suhoski '63, 09/27/2006 Gardner, MA

John B. Allen '64, 09/24/2019 Tyrone, NY

Blase P. Gambino '64, 10/06/2019 Hyde Park, MA

Mary (Salmon) Hennessey '64, 01/09/2020 Needham, MA

Charles W. Rock '64, 10/12/2019 Baldwinsville, NY

Edward A. Schmidt '64, 10/29/2019 Medfield, MA

Albert E. Pratt '65, 10/11/2019 Leicester, VT

Norma (Kells) Waseleski '65, 11/16/2019 Melbourne, FL

Gary E. Bombardier '66, 12/18/2019 Alexandria, VA

Daniel Krause '66, 11/13/2019 Amherst, MA

Alan D. Lebowitz '66, 09/21/2019 Potomac, MD

George S. Puritch '66, 10/09/2019

Robert H. Purrington '66, 10/24/2019 Sudbury, MA

Milton C. Scott '66, 12/18/2019 Petersham, MA

Roy D. Simmons '66, 09/23/2019 Lebanon, TN

Donald A. Walder '66, 12/26/2019 Corte Madera, CA

Richard B. Close '67, 11/30/2019 Glen Mills, PA

Kathleen J. (Holt) Koines '67, 09/01/2019 Ballston Spa, NY

Henry T. Murray '67, 10/20/2019 Somerville, MA

Karl O. Polson '67, 09/02/2018 Pulaski, VA

Paul C. Serabian '67, 11/12/2019 Haverhill, MA

Jay G. Shapiro '67, 10/03/2019 Port Saint Lucie, FL

Nancy (Perkins) Sullivan '67, 11/09/2019 Gloucester, MA

Francis L. Welcome '67, 01/09/2020 Ithaca, NY

George T. Farley '68, 11/16/2019

Anthony J. Marino '68, 10/14/2019 Longmeadow, MA

Lawrence E. McGee '68, 12/06/2019 Palmer, AK

Gerald M. Poshkus '68, 11/28/2019 Hemlock, NY

Peter K. Raymore '68, 09/25/2019 Niceville, FL

Michael J. Donovan '69, 10/31/2007 Saugus, MA

Fred J. Dowaliby '69, 10/19/2019 Pittsford, NY

Jonathan G. Dubiel '69, 11/28/2019 Deming, WA

Sandra L. (Lassiter) Freeland '69, 03/09/2019 Gaithersburg, MD

George F. Kinnally '69, 01/19/2020 Mashpee, MA


Eric N. Christensen '70, 11/17/2019 Wrentham, MA

Richard K. Clifford '70, 12/06/2019 Chatham, MA

Lenore M. Fogel '70, 12/05/2019 Brookline, MA

Harold C. Lyon '70, 11/09/2019

Donna (Mocca) Mancuso '70, 10/16/2019 Yarmouth Port, MA

William M. Murray '70, 10/09/2019

William M. Adamczyk '71, 11/25/2019 Cumming, GA

Langston C. Bannister '71, 11/22/2019 Toledo, OH

Gayety E. Brown '71, 11/30/2019 Marriottsville, MD

Katherine M. Elias '71, 11/03/2019 North Andover, MA

James M. Garvin '71, 11/05/2019 Weymouth, MA

Leslie J. Smith '71, 02/16/2012 Moultonborough, NH

Mary B. Trott '71, 08/19/2019 Altamonte Springs, FL

Constance A. Turner '71, 01/05/2020 Carlisle, MA

William L. White '71, 12/24/2019 Raynham, MA

Betty A. Borkowski '72, 11/18/2019 Gardner, MA

Susan (Kajander) Condon '72, 01/15/2020 Kennebunkport, ME

Ronald R. DeCoigne '72, 10/07/2019 Adams, MA

F. D. Larsen '72, 03/12/2017 Birmingham, AL

Dana B. Lee '72, 11/18/2019 Venice, FL

Joseph C. O'Donnell '72, 10/11/2019 Seabrook, NH

Stephen C. Rathmill '72, 01/03/2018 Philadelphia, PA

Robert Z. Allaire '73, 11/04/2019 New Britain, CT

Thomas W. Bean '73, 11/24/2019 Alexandria, VA

Mary E. (Murray) Bunker '73, 10/19/2019 Stoughton, MA

James J. Capellman '73, 11/09/2019 Bellingham, WA

David R. Carlson '73, 11/17/2019 Amherst, MA

David B. Mower '73, 01/16/2020

Paul R. Murphy '73, 11/07/2019 Basking Ridge, NJ

Harold M. Streeter '73, 01/20/2020 Sudbury, MA

Carolyn A. Allan '74, 10/00/2019 Barre, MA

Joan C. Bresnahan '74, 01/03/2018 Springfield, MA

John J. Cahill '74, 10/22/2019

Edward C. Carlsson '74, 10/03/2019 Yaphank, NY

Dorothy L. Frumson '74, 10/16/2019 Albany, CA

Stephen C. Limone '74, 08/20/2019 Melrose, MA

Richard A. MacGovern '74, 11/28/2019 Springfield, MA

Arthur H. Martel '74, 11/15/2019

Monica Y. (Young) McKenney '74, 12/23/2019 Cohasset, MA

James J. Sullivan '74, 09/30/2019 Boston, MA

Catherine B. Cannan '75, 01/18/2020 Somerville, MA

John R. Ducharme '75, 09/25/2019 Northborough, MA

Raymond J. Fabi '75, 01/26/2020 South Windsor, CT

George G. Ferguson '75, 12/03/2019 Franklin, MA

Kathryn E. Mulcahy '75, 10/19/2019 Amesbury, MA

Mary A. Prunier '75, 10/16/2019 Worcester, MA

Barbara O. Rose '75, 01/01/2020 Gardner, MA

Nabih K. Sabbagh '75, 01/13/2020 Windsor, CT

Eva F. Shaw '75, 11/06/2019 Aurora, CO

Susan H. (Vooris) Smith '75, 03/00/2019 Cold Brook, NY

Robert D. White '75, 11/10/2019 Athol, MA

Lois A. Wood '75, 01/06/2019 Princeton Junction, NJ

Claire J. Anderson '76, 02/10/2016 Norfolk, VA

Rolf H. Clark '76, 09/15/2015 Alexandria, VA

Robert W. Fowler '76, 10/27/2019 Lake Placid, FL

Elizabeth A. (Greaney) Murphy '76, 12/12/2019 South Hadley, MA

Gary A. Simpkins '76, 08/27/2009 Las Vegas, NV

Joseph K. Tuit '76, 10/15/2019 Phoenix, AZ

Thomas J. Austin '77, 05/08/2017

Marjorie O. (O'Neil) Dwyer '77, 11/05/2019 Rutland, MA

Sarah B. Gott '77, 11/16/2019 Greenfield, MA

Pete J. McLaughlin '77, 01/13/2020 Plymouth, MA

Douglas L. Rainville '77, 10/08/2019 Needham, MA

Jack Rosenblum '77, 01/13/2020 Deerfield, MA

Mona H. Sprecker '77, 11/27/2019 Guilford, CT

Gretchen Swett '77, 10/27/2019 Jacksonville, FL

Richard S. Topham '77, 01/17/2020 Marshfield, MA

Richard W. Venne '77, 10/05/2019 Florence, MA

Mark W. Burns '78, 11/14/2019 Rochester, NH

Ruth B. Clark '78, 11/16/2019 Lawrence, MA

Lynn M. Corey '78, 01/06/2020 West Brookfield, MA

Min-Chi Huang '78, 09/00/2019 Laguna Woods, CA

James W. Phillips '78, 11/18/2019 Westfield, MA

Lehan Power '78, 10/30/2019 Brewster, MA

Alfred S. Goldin '79, 08/31/2019 Miami, FL

Mark G. Pilla '79, 08/24/2014 Saint Petersburg, FL

Steven J. Polansky '79, 10/19/2019 Milford, CT


Alfred J. Dipaolo '80, 12/31/2019 Beverly, MA

Elizabeth A. Evans '80, 10/11/2019 Melbourne, FL

Barton L. Heefner '80, 10/25/2019 Scituate, MA

Lynn C. (Connors) Henry '80, 01/07/2020 Easthampton, MA

Theodore H. Himlan '80, 11/14/2019 Westfield, NJ

Philip C. Homes '80, 07/28/2019 Piney Flats, TN

Paul D. Johnson '80, 01/19/2020 Greenfield, MA

Mark S. Pedersen '80, 09/16/2018 Ithaca, NY

William L. Phinney '80, 11/04/2019 East Sandwich, MA

James W. Tarantino '80, 03/21/2018 Danville, CA

Anne C. Brosky '81, 01/18/2020 Greenfield, MA

James N. Fawcett '81, 10/28/2019 Melbourne Beach, FL

John P. Kristek '81, 11/30/2019 Bow, NH

Eric B. Mair '81, 12/03/2019 Fairchance, PA

Stanley P. Milewski '81, 12/07/2019 Hatfield, MA

Paul C. Trombly '81, 12/09/2019 Freeport, ME

Michelle A. Varney '82, 12/03/2016 Tyngsboro, MA

Laurie A. Weston '82, 09/18/2019 Wrentham, MA

Jacqueline A. Budrow '83, 12/03/2019 Lowell, MA

Brian J. Duke '83, 10/23/2019 Templeton, MA

Daniel N. Leavell '83, 06/18/2017 Granville, OH

Michael T. Ryan '83, 10/10/2019 Florence, MA

Jane A. Worthing '83, 10/26/2019 Ormond Beach, FL

Mamye A. Kratt '84, 10/06/2019 Medford, MA

Art F. Parks '84, 09/18/2019 Chester, NJ

George M. Schmiedeshoff '85, 07/16/2019 Pasadena, CA

Steven A. Bozkurtian '86, 04/02/2019 Belmont, MA

Lon M. DeLeon '86, 12/12/2019 Bethany, CT

Christopher P. Geiger '86, 09/13/2019 Boston, MA

Frank M. Libman '87, 01/03/2020 Westminster, MD

Mary E. (Hart) Parker '87, 07/00/2019 Manchester, NH

Amy M. Ruda '87, 08/09/2018 Westport, CT

James C. Barlow '88, 09/23/2019 Jupiter, FL

Joan M. Cottman '88, 05/01/2016 Las Vegas, NV

Stephen D. Deackoff '88, 10/23/2019 Tewksbury, MA

Helena B. Demagall '88, 09/30/2019 Lanesborough, MA

Robert B. Lovett '88, 09/23/2019 Duxbury, MA

Karen E. Demo '89, 11/30/2019 Greenfield, MA


Andrea L. Devries '90, 12/01/2019 Rochester, MA

Camilla S. Humphreys '92, 12/17/2019 Florence, MA

Fashon F. (Ford) Rudolph '92, 10/08/2019 FPO, AE

Theodore J. Suchecki '92, 11/21/2019 Gloucester, MA

John F. Boyle '93, 10/06/2019 Deland, FL

Deirdre Scott '93, 11/18/2019 Northampton, MA

Ian D. Sklar '97, 11/11/2019 Mahwah, NJ

Harvey F. Lepine '99, 01/08/2020 Lowell, MA

Rojauna K. Pace '99, 09/26/2019 Los Angeles, CA


Laurina D. Gibbs '00, 01/29/2018 Hanover, PA

Linda F. Renkowicz '00, 01/01/2020 Westfield, MA

James P. Grinnell '01, 05/19/2018 Kittery, ME

Robert H. Kinkead '04, 12/15/2019 Pawleys Island, SC


Jackson R. Greene '16, 09/29/2019 Herndon, VA

George Jamieson '17, 11/21/2019 Georgetown, ME

Ellis S. Gilbert '18, 09/24/2019 Hull, MA

Hema Ramachandran '18, 12/09/2019 Marlborough, MA


Dr. Stanley M. Bemben '56, 10/05/2019

Professor Robert Christensen, 01/10/2020 Bradenton, FL

Professor Lewis E. Franks, 12/01/2019 Leverett, MA

Professor Robert M. Graham, 01/02/2020

Professor R. Bruce Hoadley, 10/00/2019 Eastham, MA

Dr. Camilla S. Humphreys '92, 12/17/2019

Professor Ernest A. Johnson '53, 10/19/2019

Professor Richard D. Konicek, 11/10/2019

Professor Harold E. Mosher '42, 10/03/2019

Professor Philip C. Nasca, 12/06/2019 Rensselaer, NY

Dr. Jesse S. Ortiz, 12/31/2019 Washington, DC

Professor Douglas W. Vickers, 10/03/2019 Hadley, MA

George E. Wright '49, 11/30/2019 Amherst, MA