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In Memoriam

Spring 2024

Honoring a force behind an American storytelling renaissance, and more

Fall 2023

Honoring a professor, activist, and artist who fought for civil rights, a hard-working Boston Globe journalist, and more

Spring 2023

Remembering a groundbreaking researcher, a DJ who forged community, and more

Fall 2022

Remembering a whistleblower, an artisan who elevated her craft, and more

Spring 2022

Remembering a generous co-worker, a trailblazing pathologist, and more

Fall 2021

Remembering an advocate for disability rights, a floral innovator, and others

Summer 2021

Honoring an advocate for social justice education and other alums who’ve made their mark

Winter 2020

Remembering an intrepid reporter’s exploration of racial inequality—and other alumni who’ve left the world a better place

Spring 2020

A photographer’s singular vision of Boston—and other remembrances

Fall 2019

New Yorker writer pays tribute to a great musician—and other remembrances 

Spring 2019

Deceased alumni and faculty.

Fall 2018

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