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Inquiring Minds

Fall 2023

UMass researchers using AI to translate books into 20+ languages

Spring 2023

Artress Bethany White ’86 explains how diverse narratives can forge connections

Fall 2022

Rectifying stereotypes in a post-9/11 world

Spring 2022

Kristyn Shea ’06 shares her journey from student to top teacher

Fall 2021

Three experts weigh in on healthy relationships post-COVID

Summer 2021

One alumna’s struggle with impostor syndrome and her tips to overcome it

Winter 2020

A theater project asks us to reimagine high-stakes testing

Spring 2020

INQUIRING MINDS: A student uses her voice to speak for those who can’t

Fall 2019

INQUIRING MINDS: ‘The items left behind by migrants tell a story’

Spring 2019

Research on killer robots, Genghis Khan, megabugs, and bendy straws.

Fall 2018

The northern pike is a twitchy fish—when startled it changes direction incredibly quickly.

Summer 2018

New research includes the motherhood penalty, evolution of sweat, food poisoning prevention.