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Inquiring Minds

Fall 2022

Rectifying stereotypes in a post-9/11 world

Spring 2022

Kristyn Shea ’06 shares her journey from student to top teacher

Fall 2021

Three experts weigh in on healthy relationships post-COVID

Summer 2021

One alumna’s struggle with impostor syndrome and her tips to overcome it

Winter 2020

A theater project asks us to reimagine high-stakes testing

Spring 2020

INQUIRING MINDS: A student uses her voice to speak for those who can’t

Fall 2019

INQUIRING MINDS: ‘The items left behind by migrants tell a story’

Spring 2019

Research on killer robots, Genghis Khan, megabugs, and bendy straws.

Fall 2018

The northern pike is a twitchy fish—when startled it changes direction incredibly quickly.

Summer 2018

New research includes the motherhood penalty, evolution of sweat, food poisoning prevention.

Spring 2018

Plastics and reproductive health, pollen tubes and pistils, teaching math, and safer toothbrushing.

Fall 2017

Highlighting new scientific research from UMass Amherst faculty.