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Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences

Spring 2023

Technology you can wear

Spring 2022

How UMass is helping to build a greener energy system

Spring 2022

Leading experts on the future of quantum computing

Spring 2022

New names, new possibilities

Innovation station

Homage to humanity

Fall 2021

Change. How do we make it happen—or cope with it when it happens to us?

Fall 2021

How agricultural innovation is changing the future of farming

Fall 2021

Can we use social media as a tool for radical social change? 

Fall 2021

The future of fun
Whistleblowers, unite!
Brain games

Winter 2020

Launching leaders and innovators, including these tech experts

Winter 2020

UMass alumni are paying it forward

Extra Credit

Massenberg Summer STEM Institute opens doors

Spring 2020

UMass community mobilizes