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In Memoriam

A Career that Bloomed

Frances Elizabeth “Betsy” Fitzpatrick ’76AS, ’96 died on January 27, 2021, at the age of 65. A graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Fitzpatrick began her horticulture career at the UMass Cold Spring Orchard, learning how to care for tree stocks and researching fruit viability.

From there, she secured her first professional position in the commercial flower industry and quickly became an expert on growing roses. This experience served her well when she moved on to overseeing the greenhouses at Butler and Ullman Inc. in Hadley. There, her dedication and kindhearted nature soon got the attention of fellow employee Robert Foley, whom she later married.

In 1988, she became director of research for an open-air flower-growing company situated on a 600-acre farm in Northern California. Fitzpatrick not only loved floral diversity but also enjoyed meeting growers and buyers from around the world. With a large number of employees who only spoke Spanish, she learned the language to better engage with them.

Fitzpatrick deeply valued the impact that her time at UMass made on her life and her career. Therefore, her family requests that donations be made in her honor to the Cold Spring Orchard Endowment, enabling others to follow in her footsteps.



Mixing religion and politics

Nicholas J. “Jay” Demerath III, retired UMass sociology scholar, professor, and department chair, died on February 5, 2021, at the age of 84. Demerath was a leader in the field of religion and culture, focusing his research on the intersection of religion and politics.

A prolific writer and editor, Demerath authored or co-authored 12 books, including three case studies on the roles that religion, public life, and politics play in America and abroad.

Demerath was also a passionate educator. In 1970, he joined UMass Amherst as a sociology professor and was department chair from 1972 to 1977 and then again from 1981 to 1986. With his leadership, the UMass sociology program became one of the top 20 sociology programs in the country by 1982. In 2002, Demerath’s accomplishments were acknowledged when he received the Chancellor’s Medal for outstanding contributions to the campus. Additionally, Demerath was appointed as the Emile Durkheim Distinguished Professor, which—never one to turn down an opportunity for humor—he dubbed the Emile Durkheim “Extinguished” Professor when he retired from UMass in 2008.



Big Island Mayor Defines Spirit of Aloha

William “Billy” Punapaiaala Kenoi ’93, former mayor of Hawaii County from 2008 to 2016, died in January at the age of 52. Kenoi’s two terms in office were marked by an ambitious string of public works projects, all focused on leaving the people he loved and the island better off than when he arrived.

Kenoi became a YouTube sensation in 2014 thanks to the commencement address he gave in his trademark Hawaiian pidgin at Hawai’i Pacific University. “When I told people I was going to college, they said, ‘Easy, Hawaiian, maybe you better throttle back some of that ambition and dreams.’” he said. “I’m here for tell you guys, no listen to them!”

In addition to his career in politics, Kenoi was a fervent athlete, surfing whenever possible and competing in the Ironman competition in 2014—just months before being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called myelofibrosis in 2015. He is remembered for the renewed vigor with which he pursued public projects in the wake of his diagnosis, as well as his commitment to traditional Hawaiian values. “Love, aloha, it doesn’t cost any money and it doesn’t take any effort,” said Kenoi. “And the most amazing part? The more you give, the more you have—and you’ll never run out.”

William “Billy” Punapaiaala Kenoi ’93 speaks at Hawai’i Pacific University commencement:

Mayor Billy Kenoi, of Hawai'i Island, at HPU's commencement



Beauty in everyday life

Wynora Aquila Ayana McCants ’99, artist and learning specialist, died in August 2020 at the age of 70.

Aquila spent her early years in an Alabama town of just 150 residents. Raised with the help of her Muscogee Creek grandmother, she found beauty in everyday life—weaving baskets, embroidering, and dancing through the tall grass. After moving to the South Bronx, Aquila was enrolled in a notable school for the arts thanks to her mother, a local minister and activist. She later attended the Pratt Institute and finally UMass Amherst, where she studied art and selected the name Aquila Ayana as an addition to her birth name.

Aquila spent the majority of her nearly 40-year career in roles supporting student opportunities and development. She was an advocate at what’s now the Center for Women and Community, an associate director of Undergraduate Admissions, director of Native American Student Support Services, and a learning specialist for Disability Services.

During her semi-retirement, she devoted more time to artistic pursuits. In 2016, the Fine Arts Center Augusta Savage Gallery presented A Point of View, a retrospective exhibition of Aquila’s writing and artwork, which tied together her colorful and expressive art and her deep interest in the stories of the people around her.




Duffey is shown speaking in a crowd, alongside actor Paul Newman.

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Theologian, Academic—and Activist

At the age of 88, former UMass Amherst chancellor Joseph D. Duffey passed away on February 25, 2021. However, his legacy on campus and beyond will be felt for generations. A staunch Democrat and anti-war activist, Duffey threw himself in positions—both academically and politically—that he thought would bring about peace and bridge the many divides separating the American people.

The Washington Post highlights his politics and activism:

[H]e was perhaps best known for his political activism in the 1960s and early ’70s, when he helped organize Freedom Rides to the South and immersed himself in liberal politics, distressed by what he called the “carnage in Vietnam.” He was a leader of Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy’s (D-Minn.) anti-war presidential campaign in Connecticut, where he was teaching at the Hartford Seminary Foundation, and succeeded economist John Kenneth Galbraith as head of Americans for Democratic Action.

Portrait of Joseph D. Duffey

Portrait of Joseph D. Duffey courtesy of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Special Collections and University Archives.

The Post goes on to describe his impact at UMass during his tenure as chancellor from 1982–1991:

As chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he spearheaded the rollout of a new general-education curriculum for undergraduates. Richard O’Brien, who served as provost and later succeeded him as chancellor, credited Dr. Duffey with revitalizing the university’s business school and helping to bring UMass Amherst “out of the shadows.”

“It became much more of an international place than when he inherited it,” he said.



‘A cowboy-style leader’

John Winske ’17, disability rights leader and entrepreneur, died on November 20, 2020, at the age of 58. According to The Boston Globe’s remembrance, “John’s dedication to people with disabilities spanned decades.”

The Globe continues:

Advocacy was instilled in John at a young age as his mother fought to ensure their local public schools were accessible for children who use wheelchairs, including all three of her sons. By the age of 15, as part of an Easterseals youth program, John was urging members of Congress to improve access to housing and transportation for people with disabilities.

He co-founded the nationally recognized Easterseals Technology Center for people with disabilities in downtown Boston, consulted on accessibility for the MBTA and businesses such as Dell Computer; and testified on Capitol Hill in support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

He served as executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities and later directed fundraising for the Boston Center for Independent Living. His career culminated in leadership of the Disability Policy Consortium (DPC), a statewide organization with a goal of equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities.

John was also a strong believer in the importance of intersectional advocacy, helping to establish and sponsor the first Disability Intersectionality Summit, which focused on the ways that the fight for disability rights interconnects with the fights against racism, sexism and homophobia. Colleagues described John as a cowboy-style leader, inspirational and unafraid to improvise because of his trust in his instincts. He could be showy and stubborn, and won people over with his sharp sense of humor.

Read the full Boston Globe obituary.



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Charlotte E. (Eigner) Mazonson ’44, 06/01/2021, Marblehead, MA

Myrtle H. (Polley) Perkins ’45, 05/09/2021, South Weymouth, MA

Marguerite M. (Merritt) Walker ’45, 06/08/2021, Gibsonia, PA

Esther E. (Goldstein) Gold ’46, Coconut Creek, FL

Jeanette P. (Parker) Bosworth ’47, 03/10/2020, Jewett City, CT

Dorothy G. (Gardner) Crawford ’47, 02/28/2021, Richmondville, NY

James M. Ring ’47, 06/28/2021, Manchester, NH

Red Warner ’47, 03/19/2021, Saint Charles, IL

William A. Howes ’48, 03/21/2021, Windsor Locks, CT

Sherwood G. Davidson ’49, 09/28/2018, Los Angeles, CA

James R. Marshall ’49, 03/24/2021, Elmhurst, IL

Lindsey E. Smith ’49, 05/14/2021, West Brookfield, MA


F. I. (O’Keefe) Ettre ’50, 06/16/2019, Middletown, CT

Robert C. Messer ’50, 05/11/2021, Bernardston, MA

Donald C. Monson ’50, 07/08/2021, Haverhill, MA

Doris C. (Carbone) Norskey ’50, 05/27/2021, Gardner, MA

Myron E. Shapiro ’50, 03/26/2021, Waltham, MA

Jean (Ewing) Tower ’50, 04/14/2021, East Bridgewater, MA

Alvan T. Bazer ’51, 06/26/2021, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Francis G. Driscoll ’51, 04/13/2021, North Andover, MA

Donald R. Foss ’51, 05/26/2021, Westborough, MA

Seymour M. Frankel ’51, 2020, East Longmeadow, MA

H. J. Gordon ’51, 05/29/2021

Everett W. Ladd ’51, 03/16/2021, Gettysburg, PA

Wilfred A. Steadman ’51, 03/16/2020, Wexford, PA

David Tavel ’51, 03/04/2021, Estes Park, CO

Paul H. Auclair ’52, 2021, Tiverton, RI

Debora T. (Taylor) Davis ’52, 04/28/2021, Amherst, MA

Mary (Law) Goding ’52, 03/20/2021, Rochester, VT

Eunice J. (Diamond) Powers ’52, 03/14/2021, Annapolis, MD

Pauline H. (Harcovitz) Spatafora ’52, 04/28/2021, Westbrook, CT

Edward V. Twardus ’52, 04/28/2021, Oxford, PA

James A. Ubertalli ’52, 05/27/2021, Holyoke, MA

Charles O. (Demers) Demers ’53, 04/29/2021, Sunderland, MA

Alan C. Donaldson ’53, 06/09/2021, Morgantown, WV

Vincent A. Galli ’53, 02/23/2021, Great Falls, MT

Professor Donald A. Junkins ’53, 04/15/2021, Swans Island, ME

Raymond E. Phillips ’53, 07/14/2021, Carmel, NY

Priscilla N. (Gaffney) Sherman ’53, 03/12/2021, Centerville, MA

Daniel Tokarsky ’53, 12/11/2020, Springfield, MA

Albert R. Tomlinson ’53, 03/09/2021, Yarmouth Port, MA

Joyce S. (Silva) Alexander ’54, 06/11/2021, Wayne, NJ

Barbara (Bayon) Chambers ’54, 05/09/2021, Sherborn, MA

Edward Craig ’54, 06/30/2021, Kingston, MA

Peter M. Figgie ’54, 03/19/2021, Enfield, CT

Edmund J. Galat ’54, 09/17/2018, Winchendon, MA

Stephen A. Hopkins ’54, 05/30/2021, Orleans, MA

Henry A. Knapp ’54, 03/07/2021, Houston, PA

John A. Kreiger ’54, 06/21/2021, Leesburg, VA

Patricia G. (Gay) McMahon ’54, 06/11/2021, Springfield, MA

Jean W. (Waterhouse) McMillen ’54, 05/10/2021, San Francisco, CA

Julia (Parmelee) Peacock ’54, 03/21/2020, Phippsburg, ME

Mary B. (Clark) Peel ’54, 05/29/2021, Manchester, NH

Edwin H. Stiles ’54, 09/20/2020, Kearsarge, NH

Ronald E. Babineau ’55, 02/22/2021, Glastonbury, CT

Deborah S. (Sealey) Baldwin ’55, 07/13/2021, Salt Point, NY

Theodore F. Boyer ’55, 02/18/2021, Germantown, TN

Charles E. Clapin ’55, 02/14/2021, Holyoke, MA

Richard H. Graves ’55, 02/12/2021, East Hampton, CT

H. A. Harrison ’55, 04/08/2021, Springfield, VA

Judith G. (Gustavsen) Hill ’55, 03/20/2020, South Dartmouth, MA

Everett L. Martin ’55, 07/19/2021, Cheshire, MA

Charles E. Mento ’55, 05/09/2021, Lambertville, NJ

Jo Ann A. (Allen) Spear-Brown ’55, 06/05/2021, Tampa, FL

David B. Woolley ’55, 01/30/2021, Old Lyme, CT

Eleanor B. (Birkbeck) Banker ’56, 05/29/2020, North Stonington, CT

Louis M. Bernstein ’56, 05/30/2021, Alameda, CA

George M. Kern ’56, 11/13/2019, Schnecksville, PA

William E. Key ’56, 04/27/2021, Alpine, AL

Donald S. Lee ’56, 03/22/2021

Eleanor N. (Nicolai) McQuillen ’56, 05/30/2021, Portland, ME

James F. Morrissey ’56, 04/29/2021, Norwood, MA

David H. Parsons ’56, 05/17/2021, Southampton, MA

Jacqueline A. (Jones) Wilson ’56, 04/16/2021, Peabody, MA

George R. Ditomassi ’57, 05/31/2021, Naples, FL

Professor Arthur Elkins ’57, 06/08/2021, Amherst, MA

Evar L. Knudtson ’57, 01/21/2021, Vancouver, WA

Nancy C. (Cole) Landon ’57, 05/05/2021, Duxbury, MA

Philip D. Lukens ’57, 07/13/2021

Eleanor P. (Placzek) Shepardson ’57, 01/15/2019, Piedmont, CA

Ronald S. Thompson ’57, 07/14/2021, Sterling, MA

Phillip R. Wells ’57, 07/09/2021, South Hadley, MA

Robert A. Wilmes ’57, 05/15/2021, Feeding Hills, MA

Deana M. (Tukey) Fields ’58, 07/06/2021, Windsor, CT

Hubert A. Loretan ’58, 04/25/2021, Hoosick Falls, NY

Stanley M. McDonald ’58, 05/06/2021, Sherborn, MA

Richard A. O’Connell ’58, 03/01/2021, Buzzards Bay, MA

Carl H. Thresher ’58, 06/26/2021, Roxbury, VT

Robert F. White ’58, 06/01/2021, Norfolk, MA

John Balian ’59, 06/07/2021, Westford, MA

Constance W. (Wells) Brownell ’59, 05/13/2021, Mount Laurel, NJ

Mary Jane (Parisi) Burke ’59, 04/03/2021, Onset, MA

Yusif S. Farsakh ’59, 04/06/2020, Arlington, VA

John D. Fiske ’59, 07/03/2021, Sagamore Beach, MA

Edward M. Glista ’59, 04/15/2020, East Longmeadow, MA

Glenn R. Hearn ’59, 03/02/2021, West Tisbury, MA

Louise (Wallis) Lawrence ’59, 06/03/2021, Salem, NH

David J. McFarlane ’59, 02/13/2021, Windham, NH

Roderick H. Myers ’59, 07/08/2021, Marlborough, MA

Frederick E. Purches ’59, 03/23/2021, New York, NY

Colette D. (Dumont) Walsh ’59, 05/04/2021, Millbury, MA


Kenneth M. Cunningham ’60, 02/27/2021, Cincinnati, OH

Paul English ’60, 03/11/2021, Concord, MA

Margaret H. (Hatheway) Hogan ’60, 02/11/2021, West Newbury, MA

Armand J. Sabourin ’60, 07/09/2021, Harvard, MA

John R. Corsi ’61, 03/13/2021, Kingston, MA

Edward A. Maybury ’61, 05/21/2021, Melbourne, FL

Donald P. McKeag ’61, 03/24/2021, Hyannis Port, MA

Leland P. Miner ’61, 06/28/2021, Wilbraham, MA

Judith A. (Miller) Phelps ’61, 08/14/2018, Sudbury, MA

Bruce H. Spooner ’61, 10/15/2020, Lakeville, MA

Judith A. White ’61, 04/24/2021, Littleton, MA

Beverly (Barsorian) Hedison ’62, 03/23/2021, Newton, MA

Anne M. (Podgorski) Hotaling ’62, 03/03/2021, Rexford, NY

Bruce W. Ogilvie ’62, 03/13/2021, Skowhegan, ME

John E. Parker ’62, 04/01/2021, Milford, MA

Elizabeth P. (Patt) Poynton ’62, 11/14/2018, Greensboro, NC

Jayne (Hayden) Uyenoyama ’62, 05/09/2021, Cotuit, MA

Edward A. Abrams ’63, 03/23/2021, Pompano Beach, FL

James A. Collins ’63, 05/18/2021, Denver, CO

Mark L. Feingold ’63, 05/29/2021, Swampscott, MA

James E. Gleason ’63, 06/28/2021, Whitmore Lake, MI

John B. Gralla ’63, 06/19/2021

Thomas A. Kinne ’63, 07/02/2021, Tempe, AZ

Thomas P. Leavitt ’63, 04/26/2021, Norton, MA

Dennis Mac Gillivray ’63, 05/28/2021, Tyngsboro, MA

Michael T. Mole ’63, 04/20/2021, Stuart, FL

Kenneth R. Wax ’63, 07/10/2021, Statesville, NC

Rudolph W. Westner ’63, 07/03/2021

Richard E. Gonyea ’64, 07/04/2021, Williamsburg, VA

Robert H. Liss ’64, 04/17/2020, Auburndale, MA

Martha (Derby) McDaniel ’64, 05/20/2021

John H. Moran ’64, 05/05/2021, Providence, RI

Kenneth A. Stibolt ’64, 2020, Knoxville, TN

David R. Vincelette ’64, 04/01/2021, Duanesburg, NY

Robert A. Young ’64, 03/11/2019, Lorena, TX

John S. Collins ’65, 02/27/2021, Park Hills, KY

George L. Pendleton ’65, 03/12/2021

Francis B. Quirk ’65, 07/01/2021

Billie (Faye) Risacher ’65, 07/05/2021, Pawleys Island, SC

Patricia M. Scanlon ’65, 03/12/2021, Holyoke, MA

Jerry (Wolfe) Wolfe ’65, 04/22/2021

Arnold J. Hoffman ’66, 03/11/2021, North Bethesda, MD

Richard E. Irving ’66, 02/16/2021, Waldboro, ME

Caryl L. (Fernandes) Wilhoite ’66, 04/17/2021, Indianapolis, IN

John F. Yunger ’66, 03/03/2021, Wilmington, DE

Jerome A. Auclair ’67, 03/11/2021, New Haven, CT

Thomas E. Gagnon ’67, 05/14/2021, Sun City Center, FL

Daniel R. Goodwin ’67, 07/07/2021, Tampa, FL

Robert B. Pollard ’67, 02/20/2021

John R. Preston ’67, 04/20/2021, State College, PA

Edward S. Stumpek ’67, 04/22/2021, San Antonio, TX

Joan M. (McLaughlin) Ward ’67, 07/10/2021

Ernest W. Beals ’68, 04/19/2021, Stone Mountain, GA

Elizabeth J. (Dimock) Bergin ’68, 03/03/2021, Hardwick, MA

Arthur L. Darcy ’68, 05/14/2021, Plymouth, MA

David H. Hultin ’68, 05/11/2021, Santa Fe, NM

Edwin P. Larrow ’68, 04/12/2021, West Chesterfield, NH

David T. Maichuk ’68, 06/25/2021, Nutley, NJ

Chalice C. (Cobb) Oleksiewicz ’68, 05/15/2021, Vancouver, WA

Louis E. Roberts ’68, 09/19/2018, Milton, MA

Robert L. Salo ’68, 04/21/2021, Brookline, MA

Jean E. (Watson) Watson ’68, 05/14/2021, Lowell, MA

David J. Woodcock ’68, 03/23/2021, Belchertown, MA

Linda M. (Spencer) Brazeau ’69, 06/15/2021, Dalton, MA

Warren R. Carmon ’69, 01/27/2021, Dalton, MA

Suzanne E. (Kwaterski) Davis ’69, 03/02/2021, Southwick, MA

R. A. Dumont ’69, 04/10/2021, Bear Island, ON

Leo A. Gingras ’69, 05/03/2021, Belmont, NH

John A. Gorecki ’69, 04/29/2021, Holyoke, MA

Charles L. Hoyt ’69, 07/18/2020, Boston, MA

Samuel E. Marcellino ’69, 07/06/2021, Columbus, OH

Richard D. McHugh ’69, 03/18/2021

Walter G. Russell ’69, 03/26/2021, Biloxi, MS


James L. Bonsey ’70, 05/17/2021, Richmond, CA

George J. Boyle ’70, 02/18/2021, South Hadley, MA

Carolyn J. (Siren) Doerpholz ’70, 01/01/2018, Shelburne Falls, MA

William H. Estes ’70, 06/25/2021, Bridgewater, MA

Richard M. Gnatek ’70, 05/10/2021, Florence, MA

Patricia A. (Provoda) La Pierre ’70, 05/25/2021

Kendall G. Lund ’70, 02/16/2021, Kittery, ME

Bruce W. MacLellan ’70, 02/19/2021, Wolfeboro, NH

James F. Maybury ’70, 03/27/2021, Bristol, VA

Charles B. Moegelin ’70, 04/14/2021, Andover, MA

Therese M. (Phaneuf) Mullen ’70, 03/01/2021, Monson, MA

Beverly A. O’Connell ’70, 03/04/2021, Dunnellon, FL

Stuart B. Silverstein ’70, 04/07/2020, Wilmington, MA

Ronald E. Siwinski ’70, 03/07/2021, Manly

Dana S. Swanson ’70, 06/02/2020, Monroe Twp, NJ

Barbara A. (Zych) Allen ’71, 04/11/2021, Centreville, VA

Joel Balsam ’71, 06/18/2021

Ronald F. Dombrowski ’71, 02/22/2021, Scottsville, KY

James T. Giblin ’71, 08/21/2019, Canton, MA

Joseph Kot ’71, 04/04/2021, Holyoke, MA

Wayne S. Porter ’71, 03/11/2021, Groton, MA

Gail W. Spear ’71, 05/23/2021, West Tisbury, MA

Ronald M. Andrews ’72, 02/24/2021, Bernardston, MA

Kent F. Bailey ’72, 03/31/2021, Teaticket, MA

Laurie A. (Manter) Donnellan ’72, 04/21/2021, York, ME

Franklyn J. Dunne ’72, 04/07/2021

John F. Edwin ’72, 05/16/2021

Anthony L. Gould ’72, 03/07/2021, Jacksonville, FL

Charles J. Hora ’72, 03/29/2021, Erie, PA

Samuel A. Melnik ’72, 07/03/2021, Deerfield, MA

Karl E. Meyer ’72, 06/03/2021, Mt. Stewart, PE

Col. Norman P. Phillips ’72, 06/28/2021, Portsmouth, NH

David P. Reardon ’72, 03/06/2021, Kennesaw, GA

John S. Rhoades ’72, 03/02/2021, Santa Fe, NM

Eileen O. Stewart ’72, 05/01/2021, Williamsburg, MA

Marie S. (Sobel) Swanson ’72, 02/25/2021, Amherst, MA

Susan J. Tarrant ’72, 07/05/2020, Inman, SC

Paul W. Allis ’73, 07/19/2021, South Deerfield, MA

George E. Deering ’73, 04/12/2021, Brewster, MA

Marianne P. (Socha) Elliott ’73, 07/02/2021, Plymouth, MA

Elizabeth A. Fydenkevez ’73, 05/31/2021, Hadley, MA

Carolyn S. (Blodgett) Gauthier ’73, 07/24/2021, Ludlow, VT

Edward C. Gray ’73, 04/04/2021, Waterbury Center, VT

Brenda C. Hamel ’73, 06/24/2021, Cataumet, MA

Mildred K. (Jacobson) Jameson ’73, 06/17/2021, Newport, RI

Linda J. (Wolfe) McAuliffe ’73, 04/15/2021, Marstons Mills, MA

Dennis P. Meagher ’73, 03/20/2021, Webster, MA

David M. Rivers ’73, 07/18/2021, Trumbull, CT

Jon A. Sanborn ’73, 03/19/2021, Savannah, GA

Olive A. Santavenere ’73, 07/17/2021, Seymour, CT

Cristina M. (Sawicki) Sawicki-Hull ’73, 06/06/2021, Blythe, CA

Carolyn M. (Miller) Spencer ’73, 07/02/2021, Springfield, MA

Jergen K. Anderson ’74, 05/16/2021, Natick, MA

Norman G. Barfoot ’74, 04/03/2021, Riverside, CA

Stephen S. Ciccolini ’74, 03/19/2021, Leominster, MA

Stephen J. Comolli ’74, 03/10/2021, Las Vegas, NV

David A. Costa ’74, 05/28/2021, Niantic, CT

Thomas J. (Ebitz) Creeley ’74, 02/13/2021, Hudson, ME

Frank D. Faulkner ’74, 05/28/2021, County Kerry

Geneva E. Gill ’74, 04/29/2021, Rockville Ctr, NY

Jean N. (Niven) Lenk ’74, 02/27/2021, Mashpee, MA

Marjorie M. Mendes ’74, 04/07/2021, New Bedford, MA

Mary S. (Sidloski) Porter ’74, 05/09/2021

Robert J. Rhodes ’74, 04/03/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Karen D. Stefanik ’74, 12/08/2020, South Hadley, MA

Susan M. Vegiard ’74, 05/20/2021, Belchertown, MA

Mary A. Williams ’74, 07/01/2021, Portsmouth, VA

Donna L. (Bryant) Bryant Smith ’75, 06/18/2021, South Yarmouth, MA

Gayle A. (Krukonis) Deller ’75, 03/16/2021, St Thomas, VI

Alan E. Edmonds ’75, 06/10/2021, Melrose, MA

Angelo L. Gallo ’75, 05/27/2021, Wilton Manors, FL

Maxwell T. Gloger ’75, 08/26/2020, Santa Barbara, CA

Raymond J. Hatt ’75, 04/29/2021, Clinton, MA

Gail Nemetz ’75, 03/30/2021, Osterville, MA

Mary R. Dreghorn ’76, 02/24/2021, Orono, ME

Frank D. Henderson ’76, 04/30/2021, Bernardsville, NJ

Cynthia M. (Hanczaryk) Kulig ’76, 04/12/2021, Franklin, MA

George Siegrist ’76, 2021, Ira, MI

Patricia F. (Parzych) Vincent ’76, 06/02/2021, Mesa, AZ

William A. Ashley ’77, 05/28/2021, Greenfield, MA

Robert H. Badger ’77, 05/03/2021, South Hadley, MA

Donald R. Bradford ’77, 03/13/2021, Milford, CT

Leland Campbell ’77, 04/13/2018, Springfield, MA

Stuart L. Cohen ’77, 03/01/2021, Hartford, CT

Karen T. Cotter-Hoffman ’77, 04/18/2021, Golden, CO

Thomas P. Depalo ’77, 03/09/2021, Agawam, MA

April H. (Hollister) Haffner ’77, 03/23/2021, Randolph, MA

Richard E. Howard ’77, 05/09/2021, Hurricane, UT

Kathryn A. Joyce ’77, 04/12/2021, Watertown, MA

Angela Kalischer ’77, 06/21/2021, Lenox, MA

John N. Marsh ’77, 06/06/2021, North Haven, CT

Peter L. Nixon ’77, 02/19/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Susan B. Penha ’77, 03/07/2021, Brewster, MA

Bruce M. Pote ’77, 09/29/2020, Sturbridge, MA

Carolyn (White) White-Krueger ’77, 03/02/2021, Scottsdale, AZ

Michael S. Bernat ’78, 04/19/2021, Three Rivers, MA

Marjorie D. Campanella ’78, 03/08/2021, Hartford, CT

Lynda A. (Walsh) Colburn-Killeen ’78, 03/31/2021, Duxbury, MA

James C. Cunningham ’78, 04/11/2021, Westfield, VT

Brian F. Diggins ’78, 04/10/2021, Raleigh, NC

Michael S. Dowling ’78, 05/29/2021

Erica B. Fine ’78, 05/25/2021, New York, NY

Joseph W. Hart ’78, 05/28/2019, Westfield, MA

Ann D. (Douglas) Huffsmith ’78, 02/10/2021, Steamboat Springs, CO

Christopher A. McGowan ’78, 05/31/2021, Putney, VT

John Miller ’78, 03/27/2020, Orange Park, FL

Marc W. Potvin ’78, 07/09/2021, Brentwood, NH

Sandra G. (Brooslin) Viviano ’78, 12/31/2019, Bluffton, SC

Robert M. Yacubian ’78, 02/22/2021, Boca Raton, FL

Brenda E. Conway ’79, 05/03/2021, Boston, MA

David M. Danish ’79, 06/30/2021, Brewster, MA

Elizabeth E. Noonan ’79, 03/21/2021, Shutesbury, MA


Wilma N. (Niden) Barren ’80, 07/03/2021, Worthington, OH

Edward L. Childs ’80, 06/17/2021, Norton, MA

Michael F. Clark ’80, 02/17/2021, Scituate, MA

Thomas F. Dwyer ’80, 03/05/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Ann E. Feloney ’80, 03/06/2020, Natick, MA

Ronald E. Dockery ’81, 06/08/2021, Vero Beach, FL

Mark K. Greene ’81, 03/06/2021, Stafford Springs, CT

William A. Hodson ’81, 06/22/2021, Putney, VT

William H. Ingalls ’81, 05/17/2021, Dunbarton, NH

Kenneth T. Jenks ’81, 03/13/2021, South Dennis, MA

John D. Nagle ’81, 05/15/2021, Cumberland Ctr., ME

John T. Tremblay ’81, 07/08/2021, Amesbury, MA

Anna S. Amaral ’82, 05/30/2021, Sunapee, NH

John A. Bacon ’82, 03/16/2021, Burlington, VT

Karen A. Couture ’82, 05/25/2021, Ocala, FL

Mark J. Dunn ’82, 04/30/2021, Washington, DC

Richard M. Gesser ’82, 02/27/2021, Ardmore, PA

Rose S. (Hashem) Hashem-Cloutier ’82, 04/06/2021, Methuen, MA

Kevin J. Kenney ’82, 06/14/2021, Dagsboro, DE

Kevin J. O’Malley ’82, 05/24/2021, Lakeville, MA

Gregory A. Popovich ’82, 04/29/2021, East Longmeadow, MA

Christopher J. Bellini ’83, 10/22/2020, Falls Church, VA

Marion C. Betts ’83, 07/06/2021, North Attleboro, MA

Yvonne L. Boucher ’83, 06/29/2021, Vero Beach, FL

Barbara M. Kelly ’83, 02/24/2021, Amherst, MA

Michael Mahoney ’83, 06/16/2021, Marlborough, MA

Michael P. Murray ’83, 04/14/2021, Springfield, MA

John J. Rup ’83, 07/17/2021, Willington, CT

Gregory W. Doucette ’84, 06/07/2021, Searsport, ME

Kelly E. Drake ’84, 07/15/2020, Winder, GA

Matthew J. Holt ’84, 03/17/2021, Westborough, MA

Howard A. Katz ’84, 07/08/2021, Mystic, CT

Charles G. Lee ’84, 02/12/2021, Prattville, AL

Richard W. Meek ’84, 07/16/2021, Waltham, MA

Robert X. Flanagan ’85, 05/15/2021, Easthampton, MA

Travis E. Jackson ’85, 06/24/2021, Suffern, NY

Theresa A. Lucci ’85, 03/05/2021, Amesbury, MA

James J. Phelan ’85, 07/06/2021, Worcester, MA

Barbara L. Berg ’86, 03/13/2020, San Francisco, CA

Shawn P. Callahan ’86, 03/07/2021, West Barnstable, MA

Gary F. Cloutier ’86, 02/25/2021, Wesley Chapel, FL

Faye C. Berzon ’87, 02/26/2021, Canton, MA

Richard S. Kellner ’87, 03/06/2021, Alameda, CA

Homer L. Meade ’87, 07/02/2021, Stockbridge, MA

Timothy P. Boughner ’88, 09/20/2020, Waltham, MA

John D. Brady ’88, 02/28/2021, Charlotte, NC

Michele M. (Curran) Caldwell ’88, 05/08/2021, Belchertown, MA

Stephen E. Cullenberg ’88, 02/28/2021, Buzzards Bay, MA

Neal F. Todd ’88, 06/01/2021, Charleston, SC

John D. Ward ’88, 03/17/2021, Vernon Rockville, CT

Lawrence E. Butler ’89, 04/22/2021, Chestnut Hill, MA

Roy A. Edelman ’89, 03/05/2021, Charlotte, NC

Susan E. (Verbeck) Krueger ’89, 06/29/2021, Webster, NY

Deanne T. (Thompson) Letourneau ’89, 06/27/2021, Greenfield, MA

Frank F. Russell ’89, 04/29/2021, Melrose, MA


John P. Gesimondo ’90, 04/22/2021, Santa Clara, CA

Josephine Rodriguez ’90, 03/08/2021, Easthampton, MA

Dean J. Cariglia ’91, 05/26/2021, Holden, MA

Anthony P. Guglielmo ’91, 05/02/2021, Hampton, NH

John R. Boyd ’92, 06/02/2021, Florence, MA

Sharon A. Cleary ’92, 06/13/2021, Easthampton, MA

Sean F. Healey ’92, 04/26/2021, Marshfield, MA

Heather R. Thomas ’92, 06/21/2021, Wilbraham, MA

Lee J. Delaney ’93, 04/08/2021, Wellesley, MA

Gary L. Lehring ’93, 03/13/2021, Easthampton, MA

Marie L. Sorensen ’94, 12/16/2020, Dekalb, IL

Glynis Douglass ’95, 04/19/2021, Amherst, MA

Linda E. Sambel ’95, 02/05/2021, Pittsfield, MA

Louis F. Brandt ’96, 10/22/2018, Boonton, NJ

Lory D. Molesky ’96, 04/08/2021, Lexington, MA

Susanne C. Anderson ’97, 2021, Conway, MA

Francis E. Beebe ’97, 01/25/2021, West Stockbridge, MA

Shayna S. Blinderman ’97, 07/14/2018, Palm Bay, FL

Cheryl D. Smith ’97, 02/22/2021, Conway, MA

Anjani S. (Soparkar) Diggs ’98, 05/09/2021, Belchertown, MA

Kerby H. Langford ’98, 07/17/2021, Knoxville, TN

Jeffrey D. Pokines ’99, 10/18/2020, Hoosick Falls, NY

Timothy A. Westmoreland ’99, 03/14/2021, Carbondale, IL

Sharon A. Wiles ’99, 06/24/2021, Great Barrington, MA


Beth R. Brier ’00, 06/10/2021, Boynton Beach, FL

Catherine A. Letendre ’00, 06/07/2021, Brooklyn, NY

James P. Murphy ’00, 07/20/2021, Duxbury, MA

Jonathan G. Peters ’00, 07/16/2021, North Andover, MA

Joel G. Therien ’01, 03/10/2021, Allston, MA

Nicholas J. Winslow ’03, 04/05/2021, Sandwich, MA

Cheryl A. Chin ’04, 02/18/2021, Waltham, MA

Kelly R. Thacher ’04, 02/14/2021, Sagamore Beach, MA

Erik C. Bryan ’05, 04/03/2021, Somerset, MA

Stephanie A. Meyers ’05, 2021, New York, NY

Ryan H. Whittemore ’05, 03/27/2021, North Easton, MA

Casey A. Martin ’06, 06/03/2021, Westfield, MA

Jessica L. (Embry) Embry ’07, 04/18/2021, Clarksburg, WV

Erik M. Lawrence ’08, 04/04/2021, Holyoke, MA

Ajay Khambadkone ’09, 05/27/2021, Westborough, MA


John P. Stadnicki ’10, 06/23/2021, Southwick, MA

Michael K. Ratzenberger ’11, 04/18/2021, Falls Church, VA

Kevin M. Gallagher ’12, 06/10/2021, Amherst, MA

Kayla R. Gordon ’13, 2021, Quincy, MA

Kristi E. Mancini ’13, 02/15/2021, Norfolk, MA

Joseph A. Nadeau ’13, 02/01/2020, Lenox, MA

Irem (Kosif) Bolukbasi ’15, 12/16/2019, Saint Paul, MN


Colton T. Banks, 04/03/2021, Athol, MA

Alice V. Bishko, 04/06/2021, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Anthony Borton, 06/06/2021, Conway, MA

Hugh S. Clark, 05/07/2021, Largo, FL

Mary H. Conway, 03/02/2021, Turners Falls, MA

Professor N.J. Demerath, 02/05/2021, Amherst, MA

Professor Arthur Elkins ’57, 06/08/2021, Amherst, MA

Professor James A. Freeman, 06/15/2021, Hadley, MA

Dennis F. Gendron, 04/09/2021, Bangor, ME

Professor Edmund L. Gettier, 03/31/2021, Amherst, MA

Elfrida Januskevicius, 02/20/2021, Fort Collins, CO

Professor Donald A. Junkins ’53, 04/15/2021, Swans Island, ME

Rae M. Ladd, 06/02/2021, Amherst, MA

Paul R. Lastowski, 06/06/2021, Florence, MA

Donald S. McGann, 05/18/2021, Bernardston, MA

Barbara Parker, 05/10/2021, Lenox, MA

Karen A. Pcolar, 06/07/2021, Canton, NY

Col. Norman P. Phillips ’72, 06/28/2021, Portsmouth, NH

Clara Pipczynski, 03/11/2021, Hadley, MA

Richard A. Podlesny, 03/11/2021, Greenfield, MA

Professor Zdenek Salzmann, 05/10/2021, Sedona, AZ

Edelmiro Santos, 06/14/2021, South Deerfield, MA

John T. Shea, 07/05/2021, Hatfield, MA

Jeannette T. Stebbins, 02/05/2021, Hadley, MA

Dr. Richard S. Stein ’92, 06/21/2021, Shutesbury, MA

Eileen O. Stewart ’72, 05/01/2021, Williamsburg, MA

Edna C. Szymanski, 05/14/2021, South Deerfield, MA

Stephen A. Warren, 03/26/2020, W. Deerfield, MA

Professor Edward W. Westhead, 06/01/2021, Boulder, CO