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Fall 2021

Money matters

Economic experts on the future of finance

Working to understand—and protect—the hand microbiome


The story of one alum’s innovative research and impact

Three experts weigh in on healthy relationships post-COVID


How two UMass graduate students are connecting the Latinx community to outdoor spaces


Costumes designed between the lines

What covering 9/11 meant to student reporters

How agricultural innovation is changing the future of farming


Can we use social media as a tool for radical social change? 


Alum Karl Gerdes ’75 shares his photos for a look back at the winter of 1972–73


A look at the history of UMass Amherst’s cultural centers

Change. How do we make it happen—or cope with it when it happens to us?

Shoot for the stars, land on Mars
Bits and beats


The future of fun
Whistleblowers, unite!
Brain games


Remembering an advocate for disability rights, a floral innovator, and others

Glassblowing laboratory on campus offers equipment for scientific—and artistic innovations 

Class Notes and more