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We’ve All Got Something to Give

How alumni can support recent graduates

Everyone can use a little more help nowadays—especially those entering the job market. The economy is struggling and the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact almost every industry. But while things may seem bleak, the UMass community has proven to be unshaken in its dedication to helping, uplifting, and caring for one another. The generosity shown during our #UMassTogether Giving Tuesday campaign was inspiring, to say the least. And since then, we have continued to receive emails and messages from alumni asking what more they can do to help. In the face of the uncertainty ahead, this community has shown an eagerness to give wherever possible. But giving back doesn’t have to be financial. New graduates need access to guidance and resources as they start looking for jobs, preparing for interviews, and forging their way in the workforce. With that in mind, here are just a few ways you can help them out:

  • Got a job opening? Post it on Connect UMass.
  • Need to fill an entry-level position? Share it on Handshake.
  • Have a short-term paid internship available? Post it here
  • Got advice to give? Offer guidance and answer questions on Connect UMass.
  • Want to talk shop with young alumni? Join the UMass Alumni LinkedIn group.
  • Not in Western Mass? Find and network with young alumni in your area on Connect UMass.
  • Know any grads who are facing student loan payments? Tell them to check out UMass’s new partnership with FutureFuel and crush their debt!
  • Love UMass? Keep the community alive by attending virtual events from wherever you are. Just being an active participant helps create a culture of connection and support.

Let’s face it, being a recent grad right now is tough. But, if we come together as a community, we can definitely make it easier. Go UMass!