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Share your UMass memento

What do you still have from your days at UMass?

Is it an object? A photograph? A piece of art? Whether you’ve rediscovered it in the depths of a drawer or it stands proudly in a special display, share it with us and with your UMass community! 

You can photograph it, draw it, or create a collage . . . just place it inside our square template and send it to us. We may feature your memento in a future UMass Magazine web or print edition.

For instructions on how to participate—and a handy template—download this PDF.



Here's what members of the UMass community have contributed so far: 

Deb Wendell ’71: "I come from a family of UMass alums including my parents, my sister, and me. Pictured here is my father in the UMass Glee Club Orchestra in the late 1920s."

Jean Travis ’73: "UMass provided me with a lot of happy memories! I am especially grateful for these five women, my dorm mates, who became lifelong friends. 50 years later, we are still going strong. Pictured at Melville: (Top) Debbie Miller Myles ’73, me, Louise Molander Deraney ’71; (Bottom) Wendy Small Wannop ’73, Peggy Tacito Sheerin ’73, Kathryn “Kay” King ’71."

Greg Gale ’65: "This is from when I was a freshman in Wheeler House. I graduated with  my BS in Psychology in 1969. Highlights from my time at UMass (1965–1969): Northeast Blackout in fall of 1965. The Red Sox win in 1967 (thousands flood the streets to downtown Amherst). And, Little Stevie Wonder, The Animals, and Johnny Carson."

Joe Cole ’80: "Found this memento of my days at UMass while cleaning out some boxes."

Bruce G. Gordon ’77: "Somehow my rugby kit managed to survive 40+ years in California. UMass rugby shirt, circa 1974–75."

Clare E. (Buckley) Rich ’74: "I have the original pale orange ticket stub for this concert. I was in my second semester junior year and living off-campus in N. Amherst with friends. I remember going to this packed show (in the Dining Common!) and there was standing-room only. Bonnie was great, of course, and she blew us all away! I've loved her ever since and seen her two more times, but this UMass Amherst experience was the most exciting and memorable."

Elizabeth Moss ’81: "My ID photo taken during freshmen orientation 1977, a lifetime ago..."

Jim David ’88: "Students in the mid-80s will recall the Cage was closed during the ’84-’85 basketball season for renovations. When it re-opened in late ’86, hundreds of students waited in line for hours to ensure they got in for the grand reopening. This is my Rage in the Cage tee from that opening night! I haven’t worn it since graduation but it’s a great keepsake from my UMass days! Go Minutemen!"

Jane Shaw Pereira ’70: "I have always liked cartoons. Now, I draw them all the time. I send them in letters, and I'm sending one to you now. We all learn about economics one way or the other."

Kristin (Graves) Hilf ’85: "I still have my UMass ID card. I also still have my high school I’d of that tells you anything!"

Joel Leonardi ’77: "This is a memento that I have saved since my undergraduate days at UMass Amherst. As I get older, I find myself thinking more often about those years and realizing just how special they were. If I could, I’d go back to those days in a heartbeat. This photo is of Senior Day, May 20, 1977, and there I am wearing my world-famous Astronomy Club T-shirt and holding my Senior Day mug! My other Class of ’77 classmates in this picture are (from left to right): Russ Lavery, Ken Castle, Pam (Robinson) Waterman, yours truly, and Gino Valeriani. What I wouldn’t give to recreate this picture now that we’ve all aged a bit. But I wouldn’t be able to wear that shirt!"

Ben Nidus ’85: "I still have an old long-sleeve T-shirt from Brett Dorm, in Central, where I spent five or six semesters. These were being sold at the dorm around ’84 or ’85. Still fits…sort of."

Marla Richmond ’75: "Here is a real Don MacGillvary senior day mug from my next-to-the-last day as a Umie. The key wasn’t mine (I wasn’t going to pay for it!) it belonged to an old boyfriend. I think he lived in Brett."

Ruth Wiezel Munroe ’61: "So, I still have my green painted juice can which was in my room freshman year in Crabtree in fall of 1957. . . I was in a two-person room on the first floor. My roommate was Elaine Dowling. Our counselors had them there as a gift for us girls when we came for the first time. I was asking my son what I had and he pointed it out right away. It normally resides behind and to the right of my computer."

Kendra (Gordon) Cooper ’70: "My husband W. Bruce Cooper and I met at a “ mixer” at the Student Union in Spring 1968. I attended UMass both summers and winters, completing graduation requirements in three years. We lived in the then beautiful new Southwest Residential area and our dorm windows faced each other. We both finished UMass requirements in 1970 and, with the Vietnam War in full swing and a Draft Number of five, Bruce enlisted in the Navy, serving all over the country but ending his four-year tour of duty stationed on Old Ironsides. I taught high school English a couple years at the then brand new Triton Regional High School in Byfield MA. We married in 1973. This photo is of our “Mugbook” (annual directory of freshmen photos)—the UMass paper precursor to Facebook. 

As to the date of my graduation, that’s a story in itself. Bruce took four years and graduated in 1970. I finished my requirements in spring 1970 but student taught in fall 1970 at Quabbin Regional, completing with extra credits and my diploma says February 1971. However, I sat on the field for both graduations! 1970 had graduates entering the football field to a drum roll and protests of the Vietnam War. 1971 graduation was a more traditional ceremony in music and program as students marched  into the stadium. Those confusing, chaotic 1960s-1970s were in some ways different, yet, in some ways, very similar to the present."


Pamela Avella ’89: "I have four photo albums from my years at UMass Amherst, one for each year. So many photos and mementos! Attached is a photo from a Twister event held on May 2, 1987. I am on the right (Pamela Meehan, class of 89) and my friend is on the left (Debbie Desrochers, class of 89). We both graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Good times!"

Dan Vasconcelos ’99: "This is an old flyer I made for WOCH, the student-run radio station that used to broadcast on channel 13 on the campus cable TV network. I was a DJ and also helped run the station as program director for several years. The studio was on the first floor of Grayson Hall.  We hung hundreds of flyers all over campus to find potential DJs and attract new listeners. It wasn't easy explaining to people that we were a radio station you listened to on your TV. I have some great memories from my time at WOCH, and best of all I met my wife there, fellow DJ Shannon (Barry) Vasconcelos 01."


Peter Falk ’82: "I've still got some mementos from working at the Blue Wall, circa 1977–1981. Governor Edward King changed the drinking age down to 18 and boy was the Blue Wall a rockin' joint. Wall to Wall people. Three deep waiting for drinks. They used to say that the Blue Wall served more beer than any other bar in New England… they used to say—no proof.

In this photo, I am the guy in back row with his arm over another. That is a raised stage setup in the back of the Blue Wall we are sitting on. We had live music in the Blue Wall four nights a week. The Hatch often had bands on Friday and Saturday nights. Here are a few the old crew could still remember. But there were so many more... gray cells not what they once were.

  • Elvis Costello
  • Rick Derringer
  • Mad Guitar Murphy
  • James Montgomery
  • The Motels
  • The Cars
  • Martian Highway
  • The Great Pretenders

Go UMass…"

Judy Fredman Feola ’61: Autumn in Amherst Painting 
Once upon a time… 
In the fall of 1957,
I began at UMass Amherst
In the Arnold House freshman dorm 
Having two majors, my future careers to form 
In Fine Arts and Elementary Education, I became 
This oil painting of “Autumn in Amherst” is the first subject of my beginning studio classes. 
I learned to stretch a white canvas with pliers 
Filled the tiers of a tackle box with tubes of color 
Learning their proper pigment names 
Invented at the time when the Impressionists 
Could paint “en plein air” (outside) to gain fame. 
Learning every size of my brand-new brushes 
Linseed oil liquid gold used by the masters of old. 
Best of all, my first and forever collegiate crush 
Starting our early partnership of joys the same 
Finishing touches of art works with basic design 
The four elements of color, shape, patter, and line 
With his expertise in precisely custom frames. 
We still together rejoice when the glorious palette 
Of brilliant colors that adorn the ever-changing 
Seasons that so swiftly pass. 
In the corners of my mind are picture perfect 
Cherished memories of the radiant afternoons 
Of Autumn in Amherst that have become 
Treasured keepsakes of my freshman year 
Truly a beautiful dreamer. 
That splendid first semester at UMass 
The best and brightest only begun 
Officially calling myself sharing the pride 
Of being the spectacular Class of ’61.” 

Richard Rubant ’60: “What do I still have from UMass? I am a graduate of the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1960. I had majored in Dairy Technologies and our class of eight was one of the last in that fading industry. A good part of this program was learning how to use the equipment and preparing assorted products in Flint Laboratory. In addition, we learned how to test milk for fat and bacterial content. Emory Grayson was the professor who found companies who were willing to have us spend six months of placement training in preparation for full time work in the dairy industry. I have held this milk bottle cap for 60 years with other memorabilia in my bureau drawer.”  

Justin Petraitis ’14: "This isn't my memento, but it is one from my grandfather who also went to UMass. It's his student handbook from 1957–1958 that he's kept in a box for all these years. He (John Petraitis) majored in Turf Management at Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and graduated in 1958."

Sarah Platanitis ’02: "Recently, I was organizing my basement and came across a keepsake box with this UMass hockey puck. It's from an 01-02 season game. A bunch of us were sitting a few rows up from the glass, and a friend sitting a couple seats to my right asked me a question. It was really loud, so I leaned waaay over, nearly out of my seat, to talk to them. A minute later, the crowd gasped and something landed on the empty part of my seat with a thud. I looked over and it's this puck! Needless to say, I kept it as a reminder of why it's important to listen when someone is talking to you." 

Pam (Robinson) Waterman ’77: "When I was in high school and college, a class ring was a big thing. However, when I was graduating in 1977, a ring was not in my budget. So, I found this charm in a jewelry store in downtown Amherst, had them engrave the year on the back and wore it on a chain. Your request for mementos sent me digging into the box of mementos I've hauled around the country as I've moved over the years. I wonder if anyone else will send a photo of this same charm?"

Eric Boulter ’75: "Here you see the top of campus ID card and a student ID used during my great times at UMass. The 1975 Index I still have today is full of life pictures and wonderful experiences. I was in Dwight dorm residence hall in the Northeast early on, and then moved to Rolling Green apartments my senior year. My wife Sandra Marchetto Boulter ’75 ended up attending UMass with me our senior year, and many years later we still have fond memories of our time there. I was a Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Management (HRTA) grad and a major part of my career was global travel management at PepsiCo in corporate America. The drum stick tips were from the stage at spring concert ’72, where I worked security with my roommate to get close to the action. Now several years later my Loyalty Circle pin reminds me of giving back to UMass."

Terri Beardsley ’87: "My freshman year I lived on the 15th floor of Washington Tower. I still have the glass that was given to each floor member after we won the tower scavenger hunt. The only thing I remember as being on the list was a ticket from the Mass Pike toll which a floor member rode his bike down and back to Palmer to get one. We had THE BEST floor ever. So lucky to still be friends with several floor members to this day." 

Fran Pijar ’73: "What is more fitting for Valentine's Day than sharing our UMass Memento: Our marriage! Lynn Babineau '76 '79G and I became engaged at the Top of the Campus on Nov. 14, 1970. We were married on Sept. 3, 1971. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this September on St. John USVI."

Judith vanBever-Green ’78: "I purchased the pendant with the orange beads from an Israeli woman who used to sell her work at a table right outside of the bookstore in the Campus Center. Originally the pendant hung from an orange silk string, now long gone. I wear it on a wire, and remember the old days. I made the silver pendant at the craft shop in the Student Union . . . we didn't use the term LGBTQ in those days, but it was at UMass that I discovered myself and went to the craft shop to create a symbol. The class ring . . . well, my parents were far from affluent, and they told me they would pay half of the cost of the ring if I could save the other half. Not easy—I needed $30! I managed to save $15 and then I got desperate. I decided to take my chance at a Bingo game at one of the churches in Amherst, and miraculously I won the other $15 and was able to get my ring."   

Karen Kober Denniston ’63: "This is how my granddaughter, Catherine Simonds ’22, told me of her acceptance to UMass. “Following in your footsteps “ was her text to me wearing my 1960s sweatshirt (I hadn’t seen it in years). Warmed my heart!"

Alisa Rosen ’85: "I am very excited and proud to share my piece of UMASS history with you: The one, the only, the original COSMIC WIMPOUT! Made 1979 in South Hadley, MA. Who would have thought 36 years and 3,000 miles later I’d still have the game, let alone play it? It is a classic!"


Jonathan Olly ’02: "I lived in the same dorm room, 224 Webster on Orchard Hill, from September 1998 to May 2002. Each September, there was always a few days of downtime between moving in and the start of classes. I subscribed to National Geographic and went through past issues to cut out interesting images and added a few photos that I took. This wall is from 2000-2001, with the photo taken by my friend Pip, an exchange student from England. I still have a 1" thick folder of Nat Geo cutouts from the various wall iterations. In laying these out tonight to take a photo, I also found a key that I had drawn at the end of the spring semester, should I choose to recycle parts of it the following year."  

Jodi Green Kaplan ’86: "The kick a** UMass coozie is a 80’s UMass memento that I still have. I sold these in P-Lot at football games and at all of the outdoor concerts. This product got me my first job and paid for the first/last/security deposit of my first apartment in Boston! Come on….who still has their coozie????"

Nick Triano ’83: "Aside from my Pub Mug, this poster has followed me everywhere since I left Amherst. I rescued this from a pillar in Hampden DC after seeing The Kinks' first appearance at the FAC in 1979, for the princely sum of $7.50 (I saw them there in 1980 too, where they recorded their live album.) This precious artwork lived on my dorm walls after that, before it went into storage for several years, at which time it needed to be framed and returned to my 'permanent collection.'

No cans, bottles, or demon alcohol!'"

Don Green ’80: "Here is a photo of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity house at 14 Elm Street. Elm Street was a small street that connected Lincoln Avenue with Sunset Avenue, about a quarter mile beyond Southwest. The chapter closed shortly after we graduated in 1980, and after a brief revival in the mid-1990’s, the chapter is long gone. The beautiful, but quite rundown, Victorian house we had is now a private home to some lucky family who probably has no idea what went on there so many years ago. My wife, Mary Cosindas ’80, who I met a UMass, took the photo in the spring of 1979, at the end of our junior year. You can see the clothes line on the roof, and if you look closely, right in front of the chimney, that’s my roommate’s girlfriend, Helene, with the chapter’s mascot, a delightful and friendly mutt named Chief. We have this photo framed upstairs in our home in Needham."

Tom Pietraszek ’66: "This is my desk calendar from my years at UMass. I recently found in my basement ”stuff”. I call your attention to the football and basketball schedules and the opponents. Quite a change compared to current games." 

Dave Stebbins ’00: "I bought this T-shirt the day of my graduation! It was all I could afford as I scrambled around the student gift shop. I was in a hurry that day in the spring of 2000, as I had to report to my new career with the US Fish & Wildlife Service as an inspector that same week! As a natural resource major, I was hired about a week before graduation and had to annoy my professors on what my grade was. How well I did depended on my pay!! Good times!"

Timothy S. Nugent ’88: "I still have photos of when I was in the UMass Minuteman Marching Band during the 1984 and 1985 football seasons. In this one, I am marching with my clarinet, and I have a good rolling step going with my feet, which I am proud of. Great memories of my time in the UMMB. Go! Fight! Win!"

Chris James ’73: "My picture shows mementos from two generations of UMass grads. The mug and ring on the left belonged to my dad, John Manlich ’50, ’51MS. The other ring is mine ‘73. I was born while my parents lived on campus—the building was still there when I was a student. My dad was on the GI bill after serving in WWII, Battle of the Bulge. His degrees were in public health and he worked for the March of Dimes most of his life. My major was home economics education, archaic now, but it lead me to three different and rewarding careers. I am still in contact with my Emerson House friends and wonderful house parents, Ron and Jean Collins. I wear my ring every day and it’s been a conversation starter and icebreaker in many situations. I have a mug somewhere but it was not as fancy as my dad’s!" 

John Wiseman ’79: "I lived on floor 13 of John Quincy Adams in Southwest and for some reason (I forget), I found out that I fit pretty well between the walls and could work my way up them to the ceiling. Earth shoes helped! I got pretty good at it and could make my way down the hall doing this, even getting past open doors without touching the floor.  This was in ’76, and when back for a JQA tour with three other old dorm-mates 43 years later, I discovered the old skills were still there, even without the earth shoes!"

Dennis Prescott ’80: "Those were the days at the Pub! Photographed: me, Peter Russell, and Dave Bemis." 

Roy Lane ’83: "I was a driver for UMass Transit from 1980–1983. I thought it was the best job on campus. Pictured is one of the T-shirts I got when I drove (the color makes it good for wearing during hunting season). The bus on the shirt is a GMC RTS-04, which was new at the time, and those 40-foot buses were used for the longer routes while the campus shuttle featured the smaller 35-foot buses. In 2019, UMass Transit celebrated 50 years of service!"

Mike Parent ’69: "Senior day mug, class ring, and student ID. Along with a few photos and many great memories from my days at UMass, I stroll down memory lane quite often. I have been very fortunate to stay in touch with the campus life. My daughter, son, daughter in law, one grandson, and one granddaughter have all received their degree from here. Enjoyed catching up on our 50th. Can’t wait for the next."

Edward Kimball ’89: "Legendary gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson at the FAC in the spring of ’87—a fun memento of a memorable evening." 

Justin Beland ’98: "Happy to still have my ID, circa 1995. I lost my first ID, which I received at undergraduate orientation in 1992, and the stress of losing it was so great I’ve been unable to part with its replacement. This thing went through a lot and reminds me of one of the most amazing periods of my life."

Rod (Gerard) Zuch ’86: "Here I am in the Busch barrel along with Steven Ettridge ’87 on my shoulder, Brian Gordon ’86 with the lid on his head, Chris ‘Hack Dude’ Habel ’87 with his signature ‘Hollywood’ smile in the back, Dan Gill ’87 popping the pull tab (I think) and Tara Bergin (good friend from BC) on the ‘pyramids’ in Southwest in front of Washington Tower. Over 35 years later, I still consider Ettridge and Gordon my ‘brothers from other mothers’. Miss you boys. Let’s make plans."

Sandi (Marble) Thibodeau ’73: "I came to UMass in September of 1969 from a small Central Massachusetts town. It was an exciting new world filled with lots of new friends, classes with hundreds of students, first class basketball and, in the spring, a student strike. I wore this arm band as I demonstrated in front of Draper Hall. That experience was an important part of my education at UMass." 

Patricia Amber Chiang ’71: "I must have purchased this flag my freshman year, 1967. It's quite tatter torn, but has survived over 50 years! I had it on a bulletin board and added those pins, a sign of the times."

John Milkiewicz ’86: "I wanted to pass on this photo I have during my time at UMass and with the UMass Rugby Football Club (UMRFC). My Freshman year I traveled with the team to participate in an international tour. Along with playing for UMFRC during my four years at UMass, it was one of the best memories while attending UMass!!!"

Jake Bushior ’98: "This ticket was to gain entry to a music event in Van Meter residence hall basement 94. The Machine is a NYC-based Pink Floyd tribute band. Synaesthesia was a Van Meter band with a killer guitarist and dual drummers that played a lot of long jams reminiscent of the Allman bros and similar. They played a spring concert this year or the next as well."

Bryna Davidow ’82: "These have been sitting in my dresser for a few years."

Lary Levitts ’80, ’83MBA: "This is a cereal bowl from the Dining Commons circa 1976 to 1980. Every time I use it, it brings a smile to my face. Not that the food was great in the Dining Commons back then, but I remember all the good times I had at UMass, the friends I made, and the excellent education I received." 

Felice Cohen ’92: "I used to paint men's neckties. In fact, Chancellor Subbaswamy has one of my men's basketball ties. (A photo of it was in the UMass magazine last year I think.) Anyway, this picture is a tie I painted of the Old Chapel. I don't remember who bought it, but I have many fond memories of painting ties and silks at the craft center in the Student Union, and selling them on the campus center concourse." 

Kristine (Weiner) Tower ’74: "Here is an old directory from 2003 which I purchased for a fundraiser. Every time I see its cover, I recall fond memories of my time at UMass."

Jean Cassinelli Murphy ’72: "In 1969, on a date with a friend named Richard, we found this unusual item at Hadley Barn Store and nicknamed it 'The Brain'. I bought it to decorate my dorm room. We were married upon graduation in ’72, and 48 years later it is still decorating our bedroom in Gales Ferry, CT."

Dana Whitney ’74: "I still have an actual hand-held sign that I used from 1970 to 1973 to hitchhike from Worcester to Amherst when going back and forth over the weekends. My Mother saved it for me and gave it back to me when I was 50 something. I'm now 71."

Ken Blanchard ’75: "Attached is a photo of my key memento from UMass Amherst. I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa there. After graduation as a philosophy major, and deciding against law school, I spent a couple of years as a guitarist in a disco/show band touring much of the eastern U.S., then 35 years in corporate America, until following my true calling as a UMC pastor. You never know what doors the key of education may open!"

Scott Caron ’92AS: "This asparagus fern was purchased in 1990 for my dorm room in Cashin. Originally it was in a 6” hanging basket which hung in the window of 405D and the bottom was cracked so when I watered it, water would spill all over the heater below making quite a pick up every time. It’s still going 30 years later after several pot size increases and reminds me of the 'good old days' whenever I water it."

Neil Rhein ’85: "I came across my original UMass ID while cleaning out some old files. 40 years later, I have so many great memories from my time in Amherst. "

Jim Wooten ’71: "This is a photo of my “church key” which I purchased at the University Store in the fall of 1967 when I arrived for my freshman year. It’s got the UMass seal so it must be 'official'! I used it for many years for many beers before I graduated on schedule in 1971 with a BA in Anthropology. Lots of memories from back in the day." 

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Hebert ’76: "I still have this T-shirt which I bought at my freshman orientation in the summer of 1972. It was my favorite and I always thought it was a classic design. I wore it for well over a decade. It is threadbare and stained, however, I can’t throw it away as it carries so many happy memories. I am pictured here wearing it somewhere in Maine with my father and grandmother in the mid 70s."

Roslyn Diamond ’68: "I entered UMass as a freshman in 1964. I was assigned to residence on the third floor of Lewis, where my counselor was Linda. As a welcome to us newbies, Linda gave us all these UM mugs she had made. I’ve used mine, and treasured it, for the last 56 years."

Mindy Sue Cohen ’75: "Hi fellow Umies, I graduated with my B.S. in Environmental Design and Urban Planning from the Class of 1975. This photo is of the program cover for the “Toward Tomorrow” fair held June 2426, 1977, on the UMass campus. This event explored alternative energy systems, housing for the future and sustainability concerns. 

I was the volunteer site coordinator for the 120 booths surrounding the campus pond. All volunteers had multiple responsibilities to organize and prepare for a festival of this size. I helped screen print the signs which were hung up around the campus, constructed chain link fencing around the festival area, and drove to the Hartford airport to pick up speakers coming to the festival. There were over 30,000 attendees to this festival over the course of one weekend. The speakers included Buckminster Fuller, Julian Bond, Murray Bookchin, Hazel Henderson, Barry Commoner, Ann Wigmore, Ralph Nader, Helen and Scott Nearing, and Helen Caldecott.

Music provided by Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds and Guy Davis." 


Pat Rosier ’84: "I wear my nursing pin every day at work." 

Brad Herling ’69: "This is the chapter house photo from my Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) fraternity."

Mary Rutkauskas Brodeur ’76: "1974 Winter Concert. Getting dressed at Brooks House. So fancy! We got to sing the Hallelujah piece. Very memorable."

Mary Ellen Mackin ’70: "I still have my Tri-Sigma ring."

Jeanne Gerard (LaVine) ’70: "I still have my UMass t-shirt which I wore a lot! This picture shows me wearing it in 1968 with my best friend."  

Richard D. Longo ’66: "I joined the Kappa Omicron chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity because of its mission to serve the community. Paul was the head of the chapter, and he presented this paddle to me after my membership was approved. We wore the dark blue armbands whenever we were out working on a project."  

Jane R. Young ’89: "I still have my UMass student ID."

Michael Brugger ’79: "UMass opened my eyes to problems at home and around the world and to take action."

Daniel E. Staub ’89: "Being a firefighter/EMT on the Student Force was a big part of my identity at UMass."

Steven "Sonny" Incropera ’70: "Three items I have saved for some reason for 50+ years.   

1) My dorm room key. I believe it was 720 Webster. I spent all 4 years in Webster because we/I couldn't afford the extra $100 to join a fraternity and my father would have nothing to do with any thought of moving off campus. I knew that when I left my room for the last time that I may never be able to see the room again and relive any memories (good or bad). I remember listening to the NIT game on a radio, Dr. J, Marquette 62 UMass 55, Dean "The Dream" Meminger, I believe. 

2) The Senior Day pin (I think). 

3) The white gold class ring which I haven't worn for years because it doesn't fit any more and is too heavy. I believe we picked them up in the old Student Union. 

As they say, 'Youth is wasted on the young.' How true. Oh, what I would give to go back knowing then what I know now! Slide rules forever!!"

Nancy (Adler) Steinberg ’81: "This is me with my UMass roomie, Terry Columbus, class of 1981. Freshman roommates and lifelong best friends! Here we are, after visiting our campus and first dorm ( Van Meter), having lunch in Amherst at Judie’s in 2017. Can never get enough of those popovers!!!!"

Lynn Goonin Duncan ’72: "Was the Class of ’72 the last class to be given beanies? Our freshman year of 1968/69 was a year of momentous change at the university and in the country. We were also still called the "Redmen" and we have come a long way since then."

George Markarian ’74: "Many of the new Arbor/Park students had never climbed trees before, so we didn’t own climbing gear. Prof. Gordon King had the University Store order these climbing saddles for us."

Cristian Gomez ’07: "This photo is my favorite memento from my time at UMass. I would spend an excessive amount of time hanging out at the campus pond, photographing the ducks, the library, and anything that looked interesting. On this day, I happened to see the UMass mascot walking to one of the sports games. He was just walking by like any other student, across the campus pond bridge. I had to take a photo. Such great memories."

Paul Lefty Wennik ’62: "I have been sleeping under this beautiful UMass blanket for 47 Years! I bought at the Outlet Company in Providence, RI where I was living while pitching for the Channel 10 TV ball team and working. It has accompanied me all over the world and it’s a part of me just like UMass. I was one of the first UMass Ambassadors for the state capitol, was the ‘92/‘93 National UMass Annual Fund Chair, on Selection Committee for Chancellor, and I spent 14 years as a UMass College Rep, joined the Alumni Association, and took on many other volunteer posts for my UMass."

Mary Anderson Hildreth ’71: "This is one of the items that have been in my possession since I arrived at UMass in 1966. Dissatisfaction with the name 'Redmen' began that year, and it has been changed since then."

Melvin B. Yoken ’60, ’72PhD: "I graduated UMass Amherst in June 1960 and, during the entire time I was there, Dr. Stowell Goding was not only my professor in every French class I took; he was, in addition, my mentor, adviser, and friend. This extraordinary man was so influential and instrumental in my life and life’s work that I edited a book entitled Stowell C. Goding and France: A Festschrift in Honor of Stowell C. Goding which was published in 1993. We kept in constant contact until his death in 2000.

Pictured: Dr. Stowell Goding (left) and me (right) on the 7th of October, 1985 in Leverett, Massachusetts at Dr. Goding’s farm.

Succinctly, I am delighted to have the honor and pleasure of remembering a man who enriched and enhanced so many lives, especially mine."

Bob Ramsay ’65: "This was taken at the 1962 Yankee Conference X-country championship at U Vermont on a muddy golf course; I think we won. I’m in the upper right, and future track and cross country Coach O’Brien, who was a senior at the time and just retired a couple of years ago, is second from left in back."

Barbara (Naglin) Ruchames ’68: "The Bogart festival was a fundraiser for the Young Independents, described on the pictured one-page sheet. The mid 60’s was a lively and exciting time at UMass as well as on other campuses and in the country in general. We believed we could make a difference and we put our heart and soul into trying..."

Steve Brykman ’90: “Being editor-in-chief of this rag way back when landed me a job as managing editor of National Lampoon.” 

Erica Damon ’11: “Memories from my time at #UmassAmherst inspired some of the locations in my book. Including the lab building that is based directly on Morrill and its labyrinth hallways.” 

Jonathan D. Tamkin ’80: “Halloween in Southwest 1977 with my bride Cindy. Four kids later, still going strong. Our triplet UMass seniors Dylan, Jenny, and Ricky graduate in May. Great memories and I still regularly see and speak to old 4 South friends Bob "Robo" Hurwitz, Kenny Krozy, and my brother from another mother, Larry "Pender" Pendergast. Great memories and very lucky to have be back on campus so often the last four years.” 

Diana Sampedro: “I used to be a student at UMass for a year. I was a grad student in Economics and Spanish. And, I was also a teaching associate in the Spanish department. This photo represents some of the things I still keep from that amazing period of time of my life. I'm really happy to have been part of UMass, I still keep in touch with a friend I met there.” 

Kathy Cail ’95: “My parents bought this for me at the Book Store in 1991. It has served me proudly for through four interstate moves over the last 30 years. The coffee always tastes better in it.” 


Tyson Sunnerberg (Sobiloff) ’03: “Was on the UMASS Co-Ed Cheer team from 1998-2003. This was taken in the fall of 2002 before a football game. I am back row fifth from the right. We placed fourth at Nationals in Daytona Beach that year. I made many long-lasting friendships from my years being involved in the cheerleading program and countless memories.” 

Martha S. Milton ’74: “These University of Massachusetts baby booties and baby bottle were given to us on the birth of our beautiful baby girl La Titia Collette born in March of 1971. The gift was given to us in 1971 by Winsome Henry graduating class of 1973.” 

Debbie Kaufman Roth ’68: “I had no idea this even existed until my freshman and sophomore roommate, Susan Ashley, mailed it to me in 2002. We roomed together as freshmen in 1964 in Emily Dickinson, the very first year it opened, when bathrooms weren’t yet completely functional. One evening we needed to shower, but it was after curfew. We braved it and walked over to Van Meter to shower. Susan and I, rebels that we were, bonded then and there! I’ve kept this to remind me of the people I knew and experiences I had at UMass so many years ago.” 

Ronita Lewis ’01: “I graduated from UMass Amherst in 2001 with a BSc in Family & Consumer Studies. My friend, who also graduated from UMass Amherst, bought me this sweatshirt for graduation. I really can't believe the sweatshirt has held up so well. I am 41 now.” 

Sheryl Wall Lajoie ’69: “Here are my 1969 beanie and my 1969 mug book.” 

Debra Joy ’83: UMass is definitely a family affair for Debra. “In 1983, I graduated from UMass with a degree in community services, my brother Jeff graduated from the business school, and my mom, Linda Johnson, got her master’s in Education. My other siblings attended UMass in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 
My dad also got his bachelor’s and master’s at UMass in Physical Education. He went onto being the Head of Physical Education in Amherst for decades and served as the assistant football coach for UMass in the 60’s. We have lots of memories of UMass! 

Chris Read ’67: “My memento is an aluminum, picket slide rule purchased from the UMass book store in September of 1963 when I was a freshman engineering student. It cost about $10. It still works fine, no batteries required. This got me through UMass, then Penn State University for graduate school, and quite a few years working in industry until pocket calculators got really powerful and cheap in the late 70's. Because it was metal, I named it Excaliper. With it, I could slay the most difficult calculations.”

Virginia Bachand Brousseau ’73: “My memento is an ink wash I did looking out the window of my third-floor dorm room in Eugene Field House (looking toward Webster), in 1972. I graduated with a BA in 1973 under my maiden name, Virginia Bachand, and married my UMass boyfriend Bill Brousseau in 1975. We’re still married—celebrated our 45th anniversary this past September.” 

Maria Sucher ’18: “Picking just one memento was so difficult but this one most closely captured most of the opportunities I was offered at UMass. I couldn't be more thankful to UMass for allowing me to lead Latinos Unidos, work with CMASS at the LACC, be an ISOM grad, a fellow of UWiL, and a part of the Residential Life, UMass Dining, Tour Guide, and hospitality families among others. I couldn't have made it here without my parents or the exceptional people I met along the way at UMass including professors, mentors, classmates, colleagues, alums, friends and family. My cap represents my creativity, and love for travel, family, marketing and hospitality. UMass granted me opportunities I didn't know existed, allowed me to travel, study what I love, and meet people I consider family today. I'm so grateful and happy to have had the experience I had at UMass and look forward to staying connected to UMass—most recently as a director on the UMass Alumni Association board. Another amazing opportunity offered to me by UMass even after graduation! Thank you, UMass, you'll always have a piece of my heart!” 

Laurie (Gordon) Jessup ’79: “I still have my Senior Day mug.” 

Ronald Myerow ’87: “I had taken a rendering course while studying design at Umass. The attached image is a rendering of the Southwest Towers. I was inspired by the people and tall buildings at the time.” 

Jeff DePiero ’91: “My friends and I started a co-ed team, we named it the Screamin’ Yellow Monkey, and created T-shirts which we wore during games. We played basketball, softball, and football and we had so much fun being together. After the games, we would go to The Pub or Charlie’s. In the fall of 1990, our football team was able to win the co-ed championship and we received T-shirts for our win. Both shirts remind me of the friendships I made over thirty years ago.” 

Matt Urban ’12: “I was in the class of 2012 and now I run my own marketing consultancy!” 

Betsy Ferguson ’81: “This is a photo of the meal tickets we used in the late 1970s and early 1980s at UMass. I have fond memories of meeting my dorm mates to walk over to the "DC" for dinner, stand in line with our ticket book and ID, and then go through the serving line, before all sitting together at those long tables. I know much has changed about dining at UMass since then, but hopefully not the sense of friendship that accompanied those dinners together. I treasure those memories, as you can clearly see from my nearly 30-year-old meal book!” 

Mark Sutherland: “I attended UMass as an exchange student 40 years ago . . . thanks for inspiring me to look in the box in my loft—wonderful memories of a brilliant year, can't believe it's so long ago. . .”  

Cheryl Evans ’68: “I helped form the Student Afro-American Organization in 1966 and was elected the first President. This photo is from the march to Whitmore in November, 1968. The list of demands presented and negotiated resulted in the formation of the UMass Black Studies (Du-Bois Dept) in 1970.” 

Katie Gustamachio ’11: “I still have the Orchard Hill keychain given to residents during move-in weekend. I lived in O-Hill for my first three years at UMass and loved it. This keychain is from sophomore year and I've kept it on my wallet ever since.” 

Nancy Ellis Ice ’79: “A photograph, by a UMass photographer, of my UMass twirler days in The Cage.” 

Dave "Yogi" Pierce ’69: “I graduated in 1969 with a B.S.I.E. (Industrial Engineering) degree. The picture shows the package that all engineering students had to carry to one of our classes as 1st year students. (This was before the computer with its CAD programs.) It included the plastic carrying case, a board on which to draw, and various tools to create your drawing. There was also a metal case for holding the metallic tools, but the interior disintegrated over the last 51 years so I tossed it.  


NOTE: I used these tools during my first employment after graduation. Now I've given it to one of my grandchildren who enjoys math and science.”  

Glenn Flaherty ’83: “We used to have happy hour in the Southwest Dining Common. Bottle of rum in the backpack—lots of Cokes from the fountain. My favorite DC meal was the Turkey Divan. So much so that I make Chicken Divan regularly. And it tastes best on this set of DC-ware that accidentally got packed up when I moved out of Washington Tower (14th floor) where I lived for all 8 semesters.” 

Phil Lawton ’59: “A picture says it all.” 

Bob Viator ’62: “I met Lim Chheang Chhuy in 1960 at UMass Amherst. I was a dorm counselor at Abigail Adams House and he was a recently arrived Fulbright scholar with little English. With my few words of French and his in English, we became friends. I discovered someone from Cambodia, on the other side of the globe, had a philosophy much like mine. His Buddhism was similar to my Unitarianism.  We both identified with Jean Jacque Rousseau and the French philosophes. He went on to become a Vice President at International Flavors and Fragrances and made lots of money. My wife Jane who I started dating while we were both taking teacher certification courses at UMass School of Education, came to like Lim as much as I do, and together we have had many good times together, mainly centered around food and drink and discussions of politics.  Here we are in Tahiti.  The staff at our hotel on Cook’s Bay in Moorea called Jane, ‘La dame avec deux maris’ or ‘The lady with two husbands.’” 

George Mellen ’67: “What I have are memories, 17 years of them! In 1950, when I was 5 years old, my parents and I moved into the old farmhouse (in the square) as shown in 1934 photo. The campus didn't look much different in 1950 than it did in 1934! We lived there, at 24 Stockbridge Road, all through my elementary, junior and high schooling, and throughout my schooling at UMass. We moved out in 1966 during my senior year. 

As I grew older, the campus became my playground where I would ride my bike to adventures at the pond, the horse barns, all the academic buildings . . . just all over! I remember getting haircuts in old “North College”, beanies and rope pulls, Metawampe, the telephone operator’s office in Stockbridge Hall, Elm Trees, Alumni Field, cinder parking lots, ROTC, construction of “Southwest’, learning to skate on the Pond; the list goes on and on!” 

Carolyn Lannon ’63: “This was given to us on the first day of freshman orientation. I loved UMass and have so many fond memories. I graduated as a mathematics major and have always appreciated the wonderful background I received. I went on after graduation to work in the computer field in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles—thanks to UMass! 

Tom Savage ’84: “What I have is friends that I made when I was a freshman in the UMass Marching Band. Still in contact with many of my bando friends. I would not trade them for anything.”

Sierra Archer ’19, ’22: “From my freshman year, I knew that being an RA was something that I would want to pursue during my time at UMass and so I saved all my door decs from that year on in hopes that I could completely cover my door when I became an RA! It was fun to see my collection grow over the years, and so I wanted to share it.”

Two friends standing in a crowd in the 1970s

Mark Marchand ’80: "The May 1979 spring concert with The Grateful Dead was a magical way to begin the end of my studies at UMass Amherst. It was the first and only time I saw The Dead but I still recall many of the songs they played that day, including their sweet cover of The Rascals' "Good Loving'."

Three masked women outside

Kathleen Doherty ’91: "Two of my dearest friends! We rode together on the UMASS Bicycle Racing Club and they are still a big part of my life 30 years later."

Watercolor painting of the UMass library and pond

Sarah Lobo ’21: "On a nice sunny day I like to sit by the pond and feed the ducks, and it’s just really nice to walk around the center of campus, something that I’m definitely missing this remote semester! Doing the paint and sip [virtual Homecoming event] was a good creative outlet to relax, de-stress, and make a beautiful piece that I’ll have to remember my time at UMass."

A collection of mementos including papers and other items

Fred Dyka ’68, ’73: shared an entire cache of mementos with us, including: a Stockbridge cap and yearbook, class of 1968 ring, a course bulletin, and a Food Marketing brochure. He also kept course description lists from summer and fall 1972 (remember when these were printed pamphlets?), a Massachusetts Daily Collegian report on the Fine Arts Center (which was being constructed at the time), a football ticket book, and even a blue book from one of his exams.

John E. Hunneman ’80: "This was our first Christmas together in 1977 living in North Village (Apartment E-4) in married Student Housing. I was a freshman, just out of the Navy. We bought the tree from a Boy Scout troop in Amherst, strapped it to the top of our little Fiat and drove it home. The tree took up about half of the apartment. I understand North Village is gone, but we're still together and celebrating our 44th Christmas together."


Painting of the UMass library and pond

Sara Hickey ’17: "The first time I ever stepped on the UMass campus was when my family was touring the school for my brother, who is two years older. The one part that I remember so clearly is being by the campus pond and looking across at the library. Little did I know that I would be attending UMass in just a few years, and that it would become my favorite place. This year's paint night at UMass Homecoming was so fun because it allowed me to reminisce on the very first time I saw UMass, as well as the countless incredible memories I have made since then!" 

UMass champagne flute for class of 2006

Katie Stomski Wilson ’06: “Filled with kisses for ‘Kiss a Senior Goodbye’ circa 2006.”