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A laughing matter

Bill Larkin ’91 brings comedy to the keys

A man in a button-down shirt sits at a piano, a mic to his lips. This inconspicuous start might inspire expectations of a mellow evening performance—a jazz standard here, a showtune there.

But when Bill Larkin ’91 starts his act, those expectations quickly evaporate. The Chicago-based actor, songwriter, and pianist has fostered a niche as a comedic singer. His stories range from social commentary to personal anecdotes, always told with a biting wit. Though some of his spicier stuff is not safe for work, his commentary on topics ranging from growing older to riding the subway is always hilarious. And while his lyrics are anything but serious, his talent as a pianist and performer is nothing to be laughed at.

Enjoy a taste of Larkin’s work:

Learn more about Larkin on his website.