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‘The Voice of the T’

Recognize the familiar baritone of Frank Oglesby ’83?

“Next stop: Fenway.” “The destination of this train is Braintree.” “Change here for the Green Line.” 

If you’ve spent any time in Boston over the past several decades, there’s a good chance you know the voice of Frank Oglesby ’83. His warm, clear baritone has helped countless Boston residents and visitors get where they’re going as “the voice of the T.”

That’s right—there’s a real person behind those announcements. Oglesby started his career at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in 1984 and worked his way up to deputy director of paratransit, finally retiring in 2016. Having focused on communications and media studies at UMass, as well as being a member of the student radio station, he knew his way around a recording studio. And with his voice, he was a natural choice when the MBTA needed someone to narrate a safety video, and later to provide the audio elements for its new cars.

Sadly, the T is phasing out Oglesby’s prerecorded announcements as it shifts to an automated system. Although the new system will allow for better integration with real-time data and a smoother transit experience, Oglesby’s voice will be a warm memory for his many fans—and a part of Boston history.

Hear a compilation of Oglesby’s announcements:

MBTA Announcement Compilation (Part 1)

Read more about Oglesby and his work with the MBTA in his recent profile on