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Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Extra Credit

In the artful streets of Boston with Julia Swanson ’00

Fall 2023

Honoring a professor, activist, and artist who fought for civil rights, a hard-working Boston Globe journalist, and more

Fall 2023

Class Notes and more

Fall 2023

UMass researchers using AI to translate books into 20+ languages

Spring 2022

Five alumni at Merriam-Webster reveal how dictionaries evolve

Spring 2022

Remembering a generous co-worker, a trailblazing pathologist, and more

Summer 2021

Polish proverbs for everyday use

Spring 2020

INQUIRING MINDS: A student uses her voice to speak for those who can’t

Summer 2017

Chris Sarage ’92 went from working at Amherst’s Antonio’s Pizza to opening up his own place in Bolivia in the world’s largest salt flat.

Summer 2017

Jenny McKeon ’13 illustrates her journey from UMass Amherst to a career as a manga translator.

Spring 2017

All about trolls.