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An alumnus reads UMass Magazine at home, in a bright room with houseplants and cozy furniture.

UMass Magazine (circulation 350,000) is published twice per year by the commonwealth’s flagship campus, the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Most UMass Amherst alumni living in the U.S. receive the print magazine, along with donors, friends of the university, and Massachusetts legislators. UMass faculty and staff can opt for print or digital delivery. All alumni, current parents, faculty, staff, and students receive the online version of the magazine.

The magazine continually garners awards and praise for telling the stories of the UMass community.

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Candice Pinault Novak

Managing Editor

Lori Shine ’04MFA

Magazine Staff

Alexis Ali, writing
Ari Jewell, editorial and production assistance, writing
Heather Kamins, writing


Lisa Beth Anderson, photography
Michael Blanding, writing
BRIGADE, design
Sommer Browning, writing
Jonathan Fine, copy editing
Sophie Hauck ’25, writing
Tom Hoogendyk, web production
Lil Knight ’97, ’03MEd, copy editing
Su-Yee Lin ’12MFA, proofreading
Steve Neumann, writing
Lauren Rubenstein, writing
Naomi Shulman, writing
John Solem, photography
Anna Tempestoso ’23, writing
Elizabeth Thurmond, copy editing

University of Massachusetts Amherst


Javier A. Reyes

UMass Magazine

UMass Amherst
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101 University Drive, Suite C5
Amherst, MA 01002

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