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UMass Magazine (circulation 350,000) is published twice per year by the commonwealth’s flagship campus, the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Most UMass Amherst alumni living in the U.S. receive the print magazine, along with donors, friends of the university, and the Massachusetts legislators. UMass faculty and staff can opt for print or digital delivery. All alumni, current parents, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students receive the online version of the magazine.

The magazine continually garners awards and praise for telling the stories of the UMass community.

Submit letters to the editor, story ideas, address changes, and site feedback using this form. Letters to the editor may be edited for clarity and length.

Submit Class Notes through the UMass Amherst Alumni Association’s Online Community. For first-time users, a one-time registration is required.

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Candice Pinault Novak

Managing Editor

Lori Shine ’04MFA


Alexis Ali, writing
Dan Fillietaz-Domingues ’14, design
Zahriana Newson Gadsden ’24, editorial assistance
Sarah Jarman, design
Jason Johnson, web production
Heather Kamins, writing
KieuLy Nguyen ’22, editorial assistance
Emilie Wallace, web production


Lisa Beth Anderson, photography
BRIGADE, art direction and design
Michael C. Carolan ’09MFA, writing
Wes DeShano, writing
Annika S. Hipple, writing
Tom Hoogendyk, web production
Ari Jewell, writing, production assistance
Lil Knight ’97, ’03MEd, copy editing
Su-Yee Lin ’12MFA, proofreading
Steve Neumann, writing
Sage Orville Shea, photography
Naomi Shulman, writing
John Solem, photography
Nicole Estvanik Taylor, writing
Elizabeth Thurmond, copy editing
Scott Whitney, writing
Wendy Xu ’14MFA, writing

University of Massachusetts Amherst


Kumble R. Subbaswamy

Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Arwen Staros Duffy

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations & Executive Director, Alumni Association

Deborah Goodhind

UMass Magazine

UMass Amherst Advancement
239 Whitmore Administration Building
181 Presidents Drive
Amherst, MA 01003

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(413) 545-4721

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