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Microbiome, Microbes & Infectious Diseases

The Microbiome, Microbes & Infectious Diseases (MMID) theme consists of an interdisciplinary group of 20 investigators from nine Departments: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Food Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Microbiology and Veterinary and Animal Science. The overarching goal of MMID is to understand, manipulate and design microbial systems at the molecular, cellular and community levels for translational applications in human health and disease. To achieve this goal, MMID faculty combine expertise in genomics, microbiology, synthetic and systems biology, host-microbe interactions, infectious diseases, biocolloids, surface science and computational modeling. Through extensive collaborations within MMID, these capabilities have been integrated to seek innovative solutions to unsolved problems in human health and disease. Our primary location in the Life Science Laboratories (LSL) has fostered new collaborations within the Institute for Applied Life Sciences, across campus and with the UMass Medical School. Approximately 50% of MMID faculty are located within LSL, while the remaining faculty are spread across five buildings on campus.


Microbiome, Microbes & Infectious Diseases

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Sloan Siegrist, Department of Microbiology
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