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Hormones, Stress, and Disease

A nationally recognized group of faculty has formed a Center for Neuroendocrine Studies which emphasizes interdisciplinary and collaborative studies on the interactions between hormones, brain function, and behavior. Current research interests include hormones and neuronal development (Karlstrom, Tonyushkina, Zoeller), regulation of neuroendocrine cells and behavior (Bittman, Blaustein, Petersen, Remage-Healey, Richardson), neurosteroid signaling in the brain (Remage-Healey), circadian rhythms (Bittman), environmental endocrine disruptors (Petersen, Zoeller), stress (Blaustein, Richardson). There is strong expertise in reproductive neuroendocrinology and the role of gonadal steroids in ovulation and female mating behavior and sexual differentiation.


Hormones, Stress, and Disease

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Andrew Farrar, Psychological and Brain Sciences
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