Cellular Dynamics

The Cellular Dynamics research theme seeks to understand fundamental cellular processes and gain insight into the dysfunctions that result from defects in these processes. Areas of expertise include cell division and chromosome segregation, molecular motor proteins, cytoskeleton regulation and dynamics, cell growth and renewal, and cancer cell biology.

Examples of current work include quantification of breast cancer cell migration on biomaterials, response of Drosophila gut tumor cell growth to chemotherapy drugs, mechanisms of outer segment renewal and its disruption in retinal degeneration, error correction during chromosome segregation, and mechanics of myosin in muscle fatigue and heart failure. Research in this group takes advantage of genetics, biochemistry, quantitative light microscopy, biophysical assays, and cell biological approaches. The research theme utilizes a range of model systems including: mammalian and Drosophila cultured cells, Zebrafish, Drosophila, budding yeast, plants and in vitro systems with purified components.


Cellular Dynamics

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