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Vincent Rotello

Goessmann Professor of Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

Our research uses nanomaterials to interrogate and modulate biosystems, providing access to new therapeutics and answers to fundamental questions.

Current Research

Cancer: We have developed highly effective strategies for protein and nucleic acid delivery that we are using to understand fundamental aspects of cancer biology. We are simultaneously translating these systems into pre-clinical models, with the goal of creating new therapeutic strategies that integrate nanotechnology, immunology and cell biology. In addition to our therapeutic design efforts we are creating new cell-based high content screening strategies that provide key mechanistic details of therapeutic mechanisms in an extremely high throughput one-well, one mechanism format.

Infection and Immunity: Our research has projects in both immunology and pathogen detection/antimicrobials. In the area of immunology, we are creating nanoparticle systems designed to regulate the immune system. These particles use engineered surface functionality to provide both pro-inflammatory behavior for next-generation adjuvants and anti-inflammatory properties for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In the area of pathogens, we have developed new diagnostics and therapeutics. In the area of diagnostics, we have very rapid systems for identifying species and strains in both planktonic (dispersed) bacteria and in biofilms. We have also developed new nanoparticle-based therapeutics targeted at both free bacteria and biofilms.

Protein Homeostasis: We have created a new nanoparticle-based delivery system that injects proteins directly into the cytosol of cells, with minimal toxicity. This delivery tool provides a therapeutic strategy for altering or maintaining protein homeostasis. Additionally, the rapidity of the delivery process (seconds/minutes) makes these vehicles fundamental tools for cell biogy, allowing real-time monitoring of intracellular protein trafficking and cellular processes.

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Academic Background

  • BSc (Honors) Illinois Institute of Technology, 1985
  • MPhil Yale University, 1987
  • PhD Yale University, 1990
  • Postdoctoral Training: NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship MIT, 1990
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Contact Info

Department of Chemistry
379 LGRT Tower C
710 North Pleasant Street
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(413) 545-2058